Join our Windsurfing beginners course

Our windsurfing beginners course, is a great way to enjoy time on the water in this country and abroad. What do we do in our windsurfing beginners course? The windsurfing beginners course is aimed at total beginners, but can also suit those who have sailed many years ago, only once or twice, as we try […]

Join our Windsurfing lessons for beginners

Our windsurfing lessons for beginners package, is a perfect way to get started in a sport that has lasted me a lifetime, and still loving it. What do we do in our windsurfing lessons for beginners? The beginners package is designed to give you a quick launch into the sport, before we begin focussing on […]

Ross Williams in in Fuerteventura 2016

2016 saw Ross Williams from the UK take an impressive second place at the PWA Fuerteventura Slalom World Cup. Ross sailed consistently throughout the event in super strong winds and that snagged him the second place for a second year running. Tabou Manta

Exiting the carve gybe on the plane

Cracking out a fully planing carve is one of the most frustrating moves a windsurfer ever tries to achieve with most sailors accepting the occasional success exit as a bonus, but what does it take to be consistent and confident. Nick Dempsey shares his top 3 tips to make your gybes more consistent, exiting with […]

Windsurfing with Tabou and Gaastra

Windsurfing  (Gaastra and Tabou) is the ultimate watersport that can now be seen a natural accompaniment to stand up paddleboarding. Way back in the 80s windsurfing hit the big time and the world went windsurf crazy with most people doing it or having mates who did.   Since those eraly days of windsurfing the kit has […]

Tabou Manta review 2017

So what is the Tabou Manta 2017 has seen the Tabou Manta go through a lengthy development cycle, with endless prototypes and fine tuning. The development team included Ross Williams, World Champion Slalom sailor and the rest of the brands PWA crew. The main aim was to suck even more top end control out of […]