The construction of any board is what separates the good from the bad.  It could be used to add life into a surf shape or reduce in a race board, but either way it’s a big deal.

Jimmy Lewis has perfected a system of construction over many years that has seen his boards become something quite special for surfers, kiteboarders and stand up paddle boarders.

The methods

The materials used in your boards construction will ultimately dictate its weight and flexibility.

How the Jimmy Lewis construction works is by creating a multi-layered sandwich of different materials that all offer a different asset.

With most standard boards the construction is a wrap of glass or carbon/mix around a foam core.

  • Jimmys construction lets the shaper wrap the foam core with thinner layers of glass and flexible sheets of high density PVC foam.
  • The epoxy infused result was a lighter weight skin of PVC foam bridging a layer of glass on either side. Much stronger and lighter than fiberglass alone.

Fins and inserts

Many people don’t give a second thought to how strong the inserts are in the board.  The fin boxes and leash plug are all important just in case you run into the beach or drop your board on the floor.

All of Jimmys boards are reinforced around these crucial areas with high density PVC foam.   It may not seem as important to you as the overall look but a pretty board can’t be ridden without a fin.

Automotive Hand-Painted Finish

This is probably my biggest hate with a lot of brands.   The paint finish looks great when it comes out of the bag for the first time but in a week it is fading, chipping or peeling.

These boards are finished with a hot coat of epoxy, primer, paint and then clear coats.  The urethane paints and graphics are laid down in the same way that a car would be painted and we know how tough car paint is.

Each layer is masked and sprayed by hand. The finishing clear coat is hand-polished to a deep shine and this is certainly clear when you take delivery and unwrap it for the first time.    Can I suggest that you spend money on a board bag as roofrack straps and sand along with sun ruin any paint finish over time.


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