Aqua Marina sup are our entry to mid level kit, providing quality and value for money without compromise.

The Aqua Marina SUP boards have been tested by us and our school in both open water and on the flat, showing themselves to be seriously capable in a wide range of conditions.

Aqua Marina SUP

Aqua Marina SUP have been in the isup business for a very long time.  They’ve developed their kit, keeping up with the very latest technologies whilst keeping their kit affordable without lacking in quality.

The wide range of boards from Aqua Marina SUP has been designed to cover the many disciplines and people who love SUP including children, adults, yoga, sup surfing, racing, all rounder, touring, white water.

When you buy an Aqua Marina SUP you’re guaranteed a great experience that will last and give you years of trouble free paddling.

The Aqua Marina SUP boards look amazing and the build quality is superb. The colours are vibrant which is both fun to see and safe to use  when out on the water.

The boards come with paddle, air pump, backpack, fins and some even with ankle leash, at a very affordable price. With dimensions ranging from 9’0″ up to 12’6″ at the race sup, there are SUP boards available for both beginners and advanced users.

The most popular Aqua Marina SUP boards have changed over the years as the industry needs have changed.  Boards between 10’0 to 11’0 are now the most popular as they offer so much versatility, so within the Aqua Marina SUP range these boards include:

  1. Aqua Marina Fusion
  2. Aqua Marina Coral
  3. Aqua Marina Beast
  4. Aqua Marina Vapor

No matter where you plan to paddleboard the Aqua Marina SUP range has a board for you that won’t break the bank.