I Am On Holiday In Chichester And Want A Paddle Board Lesson On The Canal

So, you're looking for some paddle board lessons on Chichester Canal?

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We've been paddling and teaching in Chichester for over 5 years

Our sup school was established way back in 2013, before SUP became a household name, and in that time we have taught hundreds of people to paddle and advance their skills on both inland and openwater environments. Chichester Canal, has always been a favourite spot for us, offering a really enjoyable and laid back option, for paddlers of all levels. With easy launching and super flat water, this venue is a great place to learn paddleboarding for the very first time, as well as the advanced training sessions we run for race, technique and general fitness.

The waters of the Chichester Canal are sheltered from the wind, which is a constant around Chichester Harbour and Bracklesham Bay, so being protected from wind and waves, really makes a big difference for many of our clients.

Launching up at Hunston Corner or at the Canal Basin, you have a pleasant and safe paddle along, surrounded by wildlife, but still only minutes from the busy Chichester City Centre.

The canal is non-tidal and without flow, compared to another venue we teach at: Pulborough, River Arun.

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Just enjoy the wildlife on the Canal

As we paddle, you’re guaranteed to find yourself engulfed in the local wildlife.

All year round, we have the local birds, nesting and feeding. You’ll see the babies growing up, the swans learning to fly and the moorhens building nests.

But just keep looking and you’ll find more. Under the water, we find, Carp – big and small, Pike and Jack Pike, Perch and Roach.

Looking in the banks, and you’ll find thousands of nests, for birds and rodents such as voles.


How do your paddleboard lessons run on Chichester Canal

Beginner paddleboard lessons run daily in the summer, and take around 2 hours. We aim to get people on the water and paddling within 20 minutes, to make use of your time with us.

Fitness training sessions are a great way to up the pace a bit and burn some calories. We also run these in Chichester Harbour, to make use of a more advanced location.

Race training and skills sessions are great for those of you who want to really progress into more advanced environments. We begin our sessions on the Canal, to allow people to focus their mind on the new movements and dynamics of paddling, before we venture out on the sea, to put it to the test.

Using the Canal for Watersports

Chichester Canal is owned by the council, but a chartable organisation  manages it.   The Chichester Canal Trust is run by volunteers who do an amazing job of caring for this historical waterway.

As a charity, the Canal Trust offer day and annual licences to anyone looking to paddle recreationally, and this is charged per board.

All monies received go towards maintaining and caring for the canal and its wildlife.

If you’re paddling on one of our courses, then we take care of the license, but if you’re paddling solo you will need to buy your own license from the Canal Trust at the Basin.

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Things to know

If you come to Chichester Canal to paddle or enjoy the other delights of this amazing place, please make sure:

  • Purchase a license to allow you to access the water. Water users do so at their own risk.
  • Be aware of the Canal boat trips that run several times a day.  These boats have right of way and so you need to pull over to the bank when one approaches to make sure you are well clear of the boat and its large propeller blades.
  • Stay away from the banks and do not poke around in the nests you may see.
  • If you are climbing from pontoons onto a board, please get onto your knees. This reduces the chances of falling back against the pontoon and injuries.
  • All pontoons must be kept clear and cannot be used for laying out boards for extended periods and blocking access for others.
  • Do not climb over banks or break down reed beds.
  • If you come across fisherman, be polite and paddle around their lines slowly.
  • Be quiet when inflating and deflating kit, especially if using electric pumps.
  • Do not try to interact with the swans in any way. Give them loads of room ad hang back if needs be. This is even more important when they have their young in tow.
  • Take a phone with you and a dry bag with some change, so you can buy your paddle licence and don’t forget to buy some cake and coffee at the cafe.
  • If you come across any litter, please pick it up and help to dispose of it safely. This litter is dangerous to the wildlife.
  • If you’ve not gone paddleboarding before, why not book a lesson with us. You’ll learn to be safe and efficient on your board.

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