The Naish Hokua has been designed  to bring a radical wave shape to riders who want the high performance of a Hokua and stability of a Mana.

I first saw this board being ridden at a really rough headland break on a windy day. Chop coming from all directions and nothing smooth to stand on , but the Naish Hokua just stayed composed out back and gave the paddler an easy time of waiting.

Being 32 wide you think it is going to be a bit stuffy, but by carving out some thinner rails has definitely help to maintain perform performance and reduce weight from side to side.  It’s always a worry for more advanced paddlers as those awesome little boards are out of reach when you weigh over 85kg so the Naish Hokua has been a breath of fresh air here.

Naish Hokua X32 LE sup surf boardThe bottom shape has a very light single concave in the nose and a slight V in the center section.  This flows back to an accelerated V in the tail which really helps deliver loose rail to rail performance in slower waves. Keeping the board length short has also improved the boards ability in closer interval waves and more close out conditions or beach breaks.

Weighing in at 95kg I know that 110-120 litres is a great low volume balance for me as I got to factor in the weight of a wet wetsuit so the Naish Hokua X32 was bang on the money.

All you got get used to when paddling the Naish Hokua sup surf boards is sort out your balance point along the length of the board.    Side to side balance is irrelevant so all you need is to keep the nose up when paddling for waves and not bury, but at this stage you should have got used to paddling in a switched stance.

The Hokua X32 has taken features from both the Hokua and Naish Mana sup range to bring together a really tasty board.


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