Touring stand up paddle boarding

A touring board will allow you to cover great distances and have ample floatation to allow you to carry extra camping gear with you.

Touring boards are usually in the 12′ and longer range as this greatly increases glide over short 10’boards.  A lot of the boards we now favour for this discipline are inflatable due to weight, storage and terrain handling. If you are a lighter rider you can get away with using an “All Around” board for touring purposes.

Touring and adventure standup paddleboarding

Likewise some All Around boards in the 12? range can work well as touring boards.

Accessories for touring boards can include deck mount attachment kits that allow you to create attachment points for strapping down backpacks, dry bags, coolers or anything else you see fit to bring along with you.

Multi-Day paddle trips are a great way to explore lakes, rivers and the ocean while camping along the way but this requires preparation of emergency kits, backup plans and more so be well prepared.

If you would like to go out on a paddle board tour, then check out our lesson pages as we run regular tours during the summer.