UK SUP Clubs is an organisation put in place to help THE UK SUP race scene grow. On the 12th December 2013 UK SUP Clubs went live with their first UK SUP Race series.

The UK SUP Clubs Race Series has been a real long term goal as we have seen our sup sport grow here in the UK. There were so many races going on but no cohesion to help bring them together so it was a obvious choice to bring things together.

10 separate events spread across the main geographical regions of the UK split 50:50 by format (technical / distance). Series points are accumulated for all entrants paddling a 12’6 or 14′ board. (Men & Woman ranked separately). The best 6 results will form the end of season scores.

The races will all follow standardised guidelines for race procedures to align the UK with Europe and the rest of the World.

At the end of the 2014 series we will for the first time ever be able to truly say who the best SUP races in the UK are.

Get on board and enjoy the race series with UK SUP Clubs