Infinity New Deal surf sup in Uruguay

Amazing sequence of shots for the Infinity New Deal surf sup being ridden in Uruguay.

Uruguay sup surfing

Seasons: The seasons in Uruguay are temperamental, with differing surf conditions each year.

Spots include: Corumbá, Los Botes, La Aguada, Playa el Barco, Desplayado, Playa Calavera, La Viuda,

How does the Infinity New Deal surf sup ride

The board pictured above is the 8’6 model of the Infinity New Deal surf sup, so quite a short board, but it is 29 wide and 114 litres, so is quite light on volume. That said, the board dimensions mean it feels more buoyant as the board spreads out over a bigger surface area.

Much like its bigger, 10ft brother, which we ride here in the UK all the time, the 8’6 is super nimble and rides small, with loads of speed, but a very early pickup on the wave.

The Infinity New Deal surf sup boards are flatter rockered, compared to the more radical shapes of the Blurr, which gives them a super early pickup, with a progressive tail rocker, helping to keep looseness in the tail.

As a tri-fin board, it is fast and super easy to ride, so even in less than perfect conditions, you won’t find yourself struggling to stay on the board, or paddle out and hang around.

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