Since my first ride on a Jimmy Lewis M14 I have been totally hooked on these types of board. True ocean going boards able to cope with the worst conditions you could face and designed to use the conditions and not hammer you.

The benefits delivered by a 14ft board can sometimes be reversed on you.   Too long a waterline can hinder a weaker or smaller paddler, wind interference if handling a mix up of conditions, storage and general handling are all some of the things we have heard.

The decision to produce a 12’6 board that could be something for everyone was an important one for SiC but more importantly it was made to be good at everything.

Early development of this board was made by the team at SiC who focused on it’s ability to be used as a training board on open water.   During the development cycle they found it was pretty good at surfing, downwinding and racing in rougher conditions so the purpose of the board was changing as was the board design.
SIC Maui Bullet 12

The board has evolved beyond the original plans to be super versatile and really can be considered a master of all.   It delivers plenty of glide when downwind paddling and gives a smooth ride when surfing.   Being just over 28 wide the board is super stable, but quick enough to be a contender.

As with all SiC Bullet boards they sit quite high in the water but this doesn’t seem to affect them.  It just seems to mean you have a lot more volume underfoot.

As with all race oriented boards they are designed to track straight so you need to skill up and get back on the board to pop the board round quickly.

The SiC Bullet 12 offers a great ride and certainly worth considering if you want a board that can do everything well.   Ladies will love it as it is easier to handle and blokes will like it for downwind training and occasional surfing.

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