With swells travelling in from the Atlantic for thousands of miles, the energy of this giant unleashes and finishes by battering the Cliffs of Moher. This wave is affectionately called “Aileens” and is one of the best “big” waves for tow in surfing in the world.

Looking down from the cliffs you can hear the roar of Aileens as those massive ocean swells hits the reef and focusses the energy into one perfectly formed crescent wave.     Aileens is big – really really big.   Easily holding anything from 25ft+ this wave is on par with Peahi and Teahupoo.

In 2005  John McCarthy, Irish Surf Champion had been patiently waiting and finally the conditions and a team of fellow big wave riders came together perfectly.

It is written in stone about what happened that day but it will always be remembered as the day that Aileens was first ridden using tow in euipment and some brave surfers.

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