Mark Gaul Irish Sup and adventurer

How long have you been paddleboarding and how did you get into SUP?

About 5 years now, I came from a canoeing and kayaking background, then hooked up with some old friends who had discovered SUP. I mix it up with mountain biking and general adventuring shenanigans too!

12746575_10153995024611155_1176624681_n What is your favoured discipline and why?

Probably exploring, I don’t really race anymore, having found out I was missing out on the idyllic surroundings whilst chasing average speed. When out on the backwaters I’ll usually have a lightweight hammock with me, and sling it up simply to take in the scenery and recharge for a while. I really enjoy SUP surfing with friends too though, and we are privileged to have some cracker spots here in Ireland.

What kit do you currently ride?

Currently exploring/downwinding on my magnificent M14. There is room upfront for luggage and the odd passenger sometimes comes along for the ride too. I surf on the Stun Gun 9’2″, which has proved to be bulletproof over the years, withstanding my frequent attempts to put my face through it on the bigger days!

I raced the Sabre 14′ and the beautiful 12’6″ Blade II over the last few years with good results. I also had a Cruise Control 10’6″, which did EVERYTHING comfortably.

Do you have any goals for 2016?

Continue exploring my incredible Causeway Coast and many inland waterways at home, and I am looking forward to hooking up with Algarve SUP later in the year for a tour of the breathtaking Benagil Caves.