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Our windsurfing beginners course, is a great way to enjoy time on the water in this country and abroad.

What do we do in our windsurfing beginners course?

The windsurfing beginners course is aimed at total beginners, but can also suit those who have sailed many years ago, only once or twice, as we try to start everyone off with the same methods.

You will find that our teaching methods are easy to follow and very refined to really get the best out of people, therefore giving you a quicker route to success.

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How does your first lesson run.

On the beach

The first thing we do in the windsurfing beginners course is to have a welcome huddle on the beach and let everyone say hi and introduce themselves, along with any experience they may have.

Once we’ve done the rounds for meet and greet, we move into the environment. We look at the water/wind and see what is going on, highlighting any risks and things to be aware of.  We do try and work in areas where risk is reduced, e.g not open sea, boat moorings etc, but inevitably there is risk so we educate around that.

Now we’ll get ready with wetsuit, booties etc, so we’re all ready, but it is worth keeping a jacket on whilst we’re on land to keep extra warm.

We now move to the kit ad take a look at it laid out. This gives us a bit of time to go through naming a few parts, and seeing what they do and the role they play in our windsurfing beginners course.   Looking at the rig, made up of the sail, boom and mast as well as the board.


We move a board into the grass and do an on land demo, as this allows us to cover the fundamentals whilst staying dry, but also lets us give you some key steps to each phase.  We talk about getting on the board, falling from the board, uphauling, secure position, sailing position and steering.  We try and simplify everything down with key markers, so you have less to consider, and it makes it easier to progress.

Hitting the water

All of our candidates have their own kit, fitted to them, with sail size, board size and boom heights set, so you’re not struggling with the equipment.

We’re all aware that this is a very active watersport and something that’s important is for everyone to be aware of the water/temperature. We all take a quick dip to make sure everyone is happy being in the water

Now we’re ready to get on the boards, but first, I will run a demo on my board showing you how to uphaul, secure position, sailing position and drop down.  I will then turn the board around and come back to you. Each of you will then do this one at a time in quick succession.

Keeping within easy reach of the beach, we will sail together and practice the basic drills, with me on hand to help bypass any problems.

Once we have all spent a little time focus on back and forth sailing, we will now focus on the tacking and that really opens up our options as we can then sail farther afield.


The windsurfing beginners course is a great entry in watersports, but where possible I like to push on quickly as good technique is key to quicker progression.

Let's take a quick break

We’ll gather-up for a few minutes to talk together about what we’ve learnt, what we’re unsure of, and see how e can get around those problems.

If I can get you all sailing, turning round and travelling around easily then we’ve made huge progress in a short time.

As your lesson comes to a close, we’ll give the group a debrief and offer out progression tips.

Summing up, we’d love you to keep coming back and progressing your sailing so we’d loved to get you booked in again for some more windsurfing lessons for beginners, or progressive lessons then get in touch right now.

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We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

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