Infinity Wide Aquatic surf sup and all rounder

We love the Infinity Wide Aquatic surf sup and so will you.

Shaping hall of fame inductee, Steve Boehne, has an eye for shaping surf sups for the bigger paddlers.

Years of experience brought about the idea to make a board that would not only be functional, but also surf really well and this is the end result.

The Infinity Wide Aquatic is everything you need to enjoy time on the flat and time in the waves without limitation so what’s holding you back.

A second to none build quality, premium shape and affordable price makes this board our Best Buy for 2020.

We've created a keeper

It’s not a case of being the utlimate surf sup, this is far more than that. 
We’ve created a board that really does everything and it does it really well.
We all know iSups come in these similar dimensions, but they simply cannot compare in performance.
  • Defined rails that give an edge when surfing.
  • A rocker line that optimises glide whilst giving that ability to cut a sharp carving turn
  •  A lightweight but super strong construction to control flex and prevent damage.
  • BUT an ability to glide so enjoy some social flatwater paddling to round off a day.

Features make life a little better

The handle on the Infinity Wide Aquatic surf sup is perfectly formed to made life a breeze.  The bar and reach in method makes it easy to lift the board whatever angle it is lying at, but also gives you  maximum leverage when the board is sitting flat on the water.

The deckpad is comfortable underfoot offering a good level of grip  without being sticky, whilst giving a raised foot arch section that helps to gain traction when driving off the tail.

Don’t forget the optional tie down area in the front of the board for those who want to travel and carry some baggage.

How does Infinity Wide Aquatic surf so well

A beautifully defined rocker line gives the right amount of speed whilst promoting the ability to drive off the tail and rail.

A simple tri fin setup gives the grip needed for this board as speed builds and holds in tight so you’ve no worries about tail slide on bigger drops.
The hard rails at the tail soften to give a smooth release without giving that catching feel that bigger boards often get  especially when surfing smaller waves.

the Infinity

The Infinity Wide Aquatic surf sup paddleboard Summary

Level of paddler: this board is perfect for total novice to advanced paddlers wanting a quality paddleboard that will grow with them.

Disciplines: this is truly an allround sup, that is great in the surf whilst being happy on the flat. But don’t let that fool you as this board can really rip a wave for bigger guys or developing sup surfers.

Price /Quality ratio:  you get what you pay for and this board actually goes against the grain. It’s not expensive, but delivers a very high quality build, with Innegra in the rails and the SupSpension layup to improve the feel on the wave. The deckpad and tail pad is also a great finishing touch

Locations: River – Sea – Lakes

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