O'shea sups have a long history spanning back decades, with windsurfing, surfing and now SUP

O’Shea boards use the very best materials, to help produce some of the lightest inflatable and hard board sups on the market along with superior build quality.

O'Shea SUP

Farrell O’Shea has been a professional waterman for decades, competing and working in the SUP, surfing and windsurfing disciplines.

One of the most popular surf sups we sell in the O’Shea brand is the World Wide Wave surf sup.  It’s a real all round, surf sup that works for the average paddler looking to surf in a wide range of conditions.

It has an early planing ability from the flatter rocker line and parallel mid-section, twinned with a smooth carving action from the tail.

You then have the Rocket Wave, which is a more aggressive style, for the sharper turns and rad surfer moves.  Sizing is interesting here, are you can go quite big, so bigger paddlers can enjoy the moves they cannot get from more all round boards.

The inflatable paddleboards in the O’Shea range, offer a range of very light boards, which are extremely tough as well.

Farrell has always used the best materials in his boards, with better dropstich materials making up for the lightness.

With the isup package, you get a fantastic carry bag that is really well made, whilst the paddle is aluminium or glass shafted, but we can upgrade those if needs be.