Infinity B Line in Sumatra

Sumatra Surf Tours showing off the Infinity B Line, during a wicked session back in 2017.


Location: Indonesia

Nationality: Indonesian

Language: Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, local dialects

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Board: Infinity B Line

Facts about Sumatra

Sumatra is an island in western Indonesia, and is an incredible surfing destination. Its largest city is Medan, which is the capital of North Sumatra Province.

Sumatra Surfing Info and Details

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A boat trip in Sumatra is a dream come true for any surfer. There are great waves, beautiful scenery and more great waves. It’s an area so packed full of top quality waves that you will not believe just how good it is. This area is a major swell magnet and surf between March and November is absolutely guaranteed.

Sumatra has been popular with the hardcore travelling surfer for a long while, but as the islands have opened up more, surf packages have become more available. The once inaccessible region is becoming available for everyone. There are uncrowded spots out there waiting, they are probably peeling endlessly as you are reading this.

Sumatran swells are regularly 6-12ft in from March to November and 3-6ft throughout the rest of the year – if you are heading to Sumatra for a surf trip you are going to get tropical perfection – Get out there.

In the South of the area, in the Lampung district, is a wave rich surf zone. The main town is Krui but there are surf spots an hour or so either side of the town. The most consistent and perhaps the best all round wave is Karang Nyimbor.

There are many waves in the area – lefts, rights and beachies. Who ever you stay with should be able to take you to or direct you to the waves. Ideally you need transport if you want to be flexible with the surf.

Surfing Sumatra – The Good

  • Incredible Swell Consistency
  • Clear, Tropical Water
  • Perfect Right hand Waves
  • Calm Winds
  • Cheap Living

Surf Sumatra – The Bad and the Ugly

  • Can Get Crowded
  • Broken Boards
  • It Is Oppressively Hot
  • Malaria Risk


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