Book the best Wing SUP Lessons In Chichester Harbour & Bracklesham

Our RYA Wing SUP lessons are the perfect way to start. If you’re looking for other lessons like foiling then see what we offer.

L1 START wing sup surfing

L1 – START Wingsurfing

You’re at the very beginning of your winging journey and this is the time to get the movement ingrained into memory so you’re able to progress safely and quickly. This is the main reason for our Wing SUP Lessons, so you’re prepared to take on the foil later down the line.

Based on the RYA training syllabus, we’ve added some of our own training methods to further improve the core foundations that will really help.

We’ve delivered these same routines to hundreds of people over the years and have had huge success with everyone, be they kids or adults.

“Keep it simple and follow the steps!”



As a beginner winger, the START WING SUP lessons will make sure you really understand the fundamentals of handling, flying and sailing the wing. The START WING SUP lessons, will focus on the core elements that make up, safety, handling and flying the wing.

Who should attend:

* If you have zero windsports experience, this is an absolute must. If you have kitesurfed, windsurfed, surfed, paddleboarded, then this is the foundation course for you.

What we will cover:

  • Land based discussion including – Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Introduction to the kit, setup and safe handling.
  • On land demo of basic movements incl. handling the wing, relative wind, board control.
  • On water demo and practice.

What we won’t do:

We’re conscious of how important your first wing sup and wing surfing lessons are and we will not allow a lesson to run if the conditions are too tricky for your level.

Our wing sup lessons are ready and waiting for you

Buy your tickets for a wing sup lesson and we’ll get you on the journey  of a lifetime!

L2 DEVELOP wing sup Lessons

L2 - Develop Winging surfing

The foundations you gained when you joined us on the L1 START Wingsurfing course will be the basis for how we now approach this next level.

As we begin to push hard and aim to sail more effectively, you’ll find  out how important those key movements are and how they affect your quick progression.

“Let’s really push on now and speed things up a bit!”

L2 - Details

L2 - Outline

The point of this course is to DEVELOP WING SUP  those START WING SUP skills. If you have been on our START course or had a go on your own  then join us, to build on those skills.

We’re going to DEVELOP those very basic skills and develop your confidence, fine tuning, your movements, balance and vision.

Who should attend:

* If you’ve attended our START course and want to develop the fundamental skills.

If you’ve got your own wing and been out practicing, but want some pointers.

What we will cover:

  • Recap on Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Setup the wing, leashes and board.
  • On land demo of basic movements enhanced.
  • On water demo and practice incl.  secure position, sailing position, tacking, gybing, pumping and power.

What we won’t do:

We’re conscious of how important your first wing sup and wing surfing lessons are and we will not allow a lesson to run if the conditions are too tricky for your level.

Where Our Wing sup Lessons Run?

A great location for our learner windsurfing lessons is Prinsted in Chichcester Harbour, whilst our more advanced sessions can take place in Bracklesham or Hayling Island. 

Our windsurfing lessons vary depending on the level of sailor and style of sailing. If it’s flat water for beginner or intermediates then we’d favour the harbour, but if you’re look to advanced into open water and waves, then we head out to Bracklesham or Hayling Island.

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