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We'll teach you wing Surfing in Chichester Harbour

Wing surfing or winging as it is known, is the very beginning of your journey. The aim of these courses is to help you experience handling the wing, gain confidence and general awareness, which pretty much is everyone who has never used a wing before.

The core skills we teach are so important and develop into the more advanced wing foil and foiling skills later down the line, so read on about the different sessions we run for winging below, but note that we always tailor sessions to accommodate the abilities of each pupil, once on the water.

L1 START wing sup surfing

L1 - START Wing surfing

You’re at the very beginning of your winging journey and this is the time to get the basics ingrained into memory so you’re able to progress safely and quickly.

It’s as much about feel as it is set movements, so we’ll try and give you subtle prompts that make sense and let you really connect with the wing and board.

Based on the RYA training syllabus, we’ve added some of our own training methods to further improve the core foundations that will really help.

We’ve delivered this Level 1 Wing SUP sessions many times over the years and have always our clients making the moves within a few hours.

L1 - Details


As a beginner winger, the START WING SUP lessons will make sure you really understand the fundamentals of handling, flying and sailing the wing.

The START WING SUP lessons, will focus on the core elements that make up, safety, handling and flying the wing.

Who should attend:

* If you have zero windsports experience, this is an absolute must.

If you have kitesurfed, windsurfed, surfed, paddleboarded, then this is the foundation course for you.

What we will cover:

  • Land based including – Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Introduction to the kit, setup and safe handling.
  • Land based wing control – Stance – Board control
  • Water based (time allowing) you will sail across the wind, turn and return to base.

Our wing surfing lessons are ready and waiting for you

Buy your tickets for a wing sup lesson and we’ll get you on the journey  of a lifetime!

L2 DEVELOP wing sup Lessons

L2 - Develop Wing surfing

Our Level 2 course works to progress your wing understanding, control and handling on all points of sail.

Developing the movements you learnt in Level 1, you need to become comfortable with the wing control and being relaxed as you sail.

We’ll try to speed up some of the movements, but to be honest, being relaxed and fluid is more useful than quick.

We’re confident that we can get everyone winging more dynamically on this second session and from there, it’s your choice if you choose to keep practising or look to trying the foil.

L2 - Details

L2 - Outline

The point of this course is to DEVELOP WING SUP  those START WING SUP skills. If you have been on our START course or had a go on your own  then join us, to build on those skills.

We’re going to DEVELOP those very basic skills and develop your confidence, fine tuning, your movements, balance and vision.

Who should attend:

* If you’ve attended our START course and want to develop the fundamental skills.

If you’ve got your own wing and been out practicing, but want some pointers.

What we will cover:

  • Recap on Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Setup the wing, leashes and board.
  • On land demo of basic movements enhanced.
  • On water demo and practice incl.  secure position, sailing position, tacking, gybing, pumping and power.


wing sup session tips

  1. Bring a change of comfortable clothes, a towel, socks, water shoes, jacket. Basically, anything you can throw on and keep warm.
  2. Grab yourself some energy giving food well in advance.
  3. Bring sun cream and any medications you may need. 
  4. Due to tides and changes in conditions, we may alter locations or timing to help better the session, but we’ll discuss this with plenty of warning.
  5. Depending on the location, there may not be toilets available.
  6. If you need your phone, we can carry it in a waterproof bag if you don’t have one.
We use the BBTalkin 2 way comms, so we're alrways in contact with our clients on the water, able to give constant advice and support.

Where do Our Wing surfing Lessons Run?

We love using Chichester Harbour for Wing sup lessons as it offers everything we need from clean air to flat water. Depending on the tide and wind direction, we’ll pick a meeting point such as Itchenor, Dell Quay, East Head or Chichester Marina.

The learning curve is greatly increased when we start you off in the harbour as you’re not fighting the conditions, so you become more confident and willing to try new movements.

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Wing SUP and Wing Surfing Lessons at Surfs SUP

Service Overview:

Experience the thrill of wing SUP and wing surfing with Surfs SUP in Chichester Harbour. Our expert instructors provide lessons suitable for all skill levels, ensuring a fun and safe adventure on the water.

What to Expect:

  • Professional instruction for beginners to advanced learners
  • Focus on safety and technique
  • Exciting wing SUP and wing surfing experiences

Our promise:

There’s a competitor in the area who runs wing sup lessons, but doesn’t get close to what we offer. When you book online we will always speak with you before committing to a session date. This is because we need to make sure the conditions are right for you. What we won’t do is take your money, then force you to dates you cannot do, so we’ll offer a refund if you really cannot make a date.   And we’ll make sure your lessons aren’t cut short.

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP Wing SUP and Wing Surfing Lessons or check out efoiling lessons  and windsurfing lessons.

OR CALL 07521 297280