Rob Solly, selfie king of Bracklesham Bay windsurfing

Rob Solly is a south coast windsurfer, who I have known for a few years now and is a regular at Hayling Island.   That said, of late he’s been joining us over at Bracklesham for some amazing sessions and he’s been scoring.

With his trusty GoPro Max on a Flymount Aero 40, stuck to his mast, he’s been getting some great pictures of his time on the water.



Rob is a fan of Jem Hall clinics and always rips when he joins us at Bracklesham, so it’s always a pleasure to see him sail and show us those little Jems he has picked up on those super clinics.

Jem Hall Windsurfing clinics run around the world or you can join Ian Phillips and Surfs SUP Watersports Windsurfing lessons, here in the UK for windsurfing clinics.

Jem Hall windsurfing clinics are often focussed on wave sailing and he offers an amazing opportunity for windsurfing in some amazing locations around the world.   You get  world class coaching, based on Jems extensive experience and expertise, which makes him a superb coach for wave sailing.

During a Jem Hall clinic, the participants can expect to dive into the detail and nuances of wave sailing, so let’s look at what you might expect.



  1. Understanding Waves: Jem Hall is likely to begin with an in-depth exploration of wave dynamics and ocean conditions. Understanding how waves form, break, and interact with the coastline is crucial for successful wave riding.
  2. Equipment Selection: Wave sailing requires specific equipment tailored to the demands of riding waves. You’ll receive valuable insights from Jem Hall about choosing the right board shapes, sail sizes, and fin setups for optimal wave performance.
  3. Wave Entry and Timing: Learning to catch waves effectively is a skill that requires precise timing and positioning. Jem Hall might provide instruction on how to paddle out, position yourself for wave entry, and time your take-off for the best ride.
  4. Riding Techniques: Once on the wave, Jem Hall will likely delve into various riding techniques, including how to maneuver the board on the wave face, control your speed, and perform stylish turns.
  5. Bottom and Top Turns: The art of bottom turns (turning at the bottom of the wave) and top turns (turning at the crest) is essential for wave riders. Jem Hall could offer step-by-step guidance on executing these maneuvers with finesse and confidence.
  6. Cutbacks and Aerials: Depending on your skill level, you might explore more advanced maneuvers such as cutbacks (redirecting your board on the wave) and aerials (jumping off the wave). Jem Hall’s expertise can help you progress in these exciting areas.
  7. Wave Selection: Mastering wave sailing also involves the skill of choosing the right waves to ride. Jem Hall might provide insights into reading the waves, identifying the best sections for riding, and maximizing your time on the water.
  8. Safety and Etiquette: Jem Hall’s clinics are likely to emphasize safety practices specific to wave sailing and the importance of respecting fellow surfers and the natural environment.
  9. Video Analysis: Similar to his overall coaching approach, Jem Hall might incorporate video analysis in his wave sailing clinics. Reviewing footage of your rides can offer valuable feedback and highlight areas for improvement.
  10. Personalized Coaching: A hallmark of Jem Hall’s coaching style is his personalized approach. He is known for tailoring his instruction to match each participant’s skill level, ensuring that his clients receive foundational guidance while more experienced sailors can focus on refining their techniques.