Tabou windsurf boards need very little introduction with Ross Williams heading up the UK distribution of the windsurf boards along with GA Sails.

It is testoment to the brand that Ross has been a long time team rider for them, proving just how well respected the boards are.

The Tabou windsurf brand was founded by Fabien Vollenweider back in 1991.   His passion and drive for windsurfing has seen him shaping for over 20 years and producing world class windsurf boards for Tabou.

Closeley linked to the team of Tabou riders around the world, Fabien draws on their experiences and knowledge to better the boards and create new shapes.

If you are looking for a windsurf board to match uk conditions, be it south coast mush or maybe the cleaner and more punchy waves of the west and east coast, then the Tabou boards range will have something for you.

Tabou Rocket boardBoard construction

When you’re buying a Tabou board you’re not only getting a great shape.  You’re also getting a well made board with a strong but light layup helping to better the boards performance.

The Tabou boards range come in 2 constructions, either Carbon sandwich or PVC.