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Join us for Windsurfing lessons in Chichester, Bracklesham and Hayling

Surfs SUP Watersports run the best windsurfing lessons in West Sussex, working around Bracklesham Bay, Chichester Harbour and the Witterings.

Fast-track your windsurfing journey with our 1-2-1 and private group lessons near Chichester. Lessons for total beginners to advanced sailors, you’ll get more from our sessions compared to the regular slow group lessons that other watersports centres run.

We also run 4 week windsurfing courses and other watersports lessons you might like, but for now let’s take you through the 3 stages of windsurfing lessons and coaching that we offer.

L1 START Windsurfing

L1 - Start Windsurfing LESSONS

When you decide to give windsurfing a go, it is so important that you take a few windsurfing beginner lessons to get you on the right path from the outset.

We have a total roadmap of routines that will go from total beginner to a more advanced beginner sailor, as the core movements will always be the same.

We’ve delivered these same routines to hundreds of people over the years and have had huge success with everyone, be they kids or adults.

Watch a windsurf session

Play Video about learning to do a basic fast tack on a beginner windsurfing lesson

This video documents a  beginner windsurfer who had never windsurfed before and was just an hour into being on the water for the first time.

L1 - Details

L1 - Outline

As a newbie, your journey begins with our START WINDSURFING lessons, which is designed to get you up and sailing within hours. This course is our most popular session, for adults and children alike who are just getting started.

The START WINDSURFING lesson, will focus on the core elements, making sure you know how things work, why and getting the basics engrained.

Who should attend the beginner lesson:

* If you have zero windsports experience, or never ever windsurfed before then this is an absolute must.

What we will cover:

  • Kit anatomy
  • Understand the environment and safety
  • Setup the sail and board
  • Carrying the kit safely
  • On land demo of basic stances, secure position and sailing position
  • On water demo and time to try
  • On water demo of turning around, tacking

What we won’t do:

We’re conscious of how important your first windsurfing lessons are and we will not allow a lesson to run if the conditions are not suitable for the level.

L2 DEVELOP Windsurfing

L2 - Develop Windsurfing LESSONS

Now it’s time to start pushing on, making those moves quicker. You’re no  expert, but that’s round the corner if you follow our amazing program of sessions and methods.

Muscle memory, micro movements, head turns, rig leaning – it won’t make sense right now, but as we progress through our sessions, everything starts to make sense. 

All the while we’re still having fun, keeping everyone laughing an relaxing to get the best from your session.

L2 - Details

L2 - Outline

The point of this course is to DEVELOP those START WINDSURFING skills. If you have sailed before , but not with us you’re welcome to come join for a refresher.

Going back over the basic drills from your START lesson, we’re going to tidy things up – fine tuning those basic movements, balance and vision.

  • Recap on Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Rigging up and kit prep.
  • On land demo of basic movements enhanced.
  • On water demo and practice incl.  secure position, sailing position, tacking and gybing.

What we won’t do:

We’re conscious of how important your first windsurfing lessons are and we will not allow a lesson to run if the conditions are not suitable for the level.

What's it like windsurfing on the Sea

Seriously, get on board now and you’ll never look back with windsurfing taking you around the world. This short video shows you a sunny, windy day at Bracklesham Bay in flat water on my wave board.

Play Video about Windsurfing in Storm Eunice 2022 licensed by

L3 CHALLENGE Windsurfing

L3 - Challenge Windsurfing Coaching

Where you go with your windsurfing is really down to you, but we’ll help you every step of the way. 

If you’re moving into footstraps and harness or trying to carve gybe, let’s get on the water together and get you where you need to be.

Windsurfing is one of those sports, where you never stop learning and every time you head out the conditions vary and change how you sail, so you’re going to need to put the work in.

These windsurfing coaching sessions can be run using your own kit or ours and we’ll look for windier conditions, either in the harbour or in open sea, but this is down to you as our advanced courses are totally unique.

L3 - Details

L3 - Outline

The CHALLENGE windsurfing coaching sessions are more freeride and freewave sessions, where we take people into the more advanced phases of windsurfing.

We can customise the session to target the things you need to learn, based on your current skills.

Going back over the basic drills from your START lesson, we’re going to tidy things up – fine tuning those basic movements, balance and vision.

  • More advanced gybing and tacking
  • Handling stronger winds
  • Using the harness
  • Moving into footstraps
  • Jumping waves
  • Riding waves
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windsurfing FAQS

windsurfing session tips

  1. We suggest you bring easy wear, comfy clothes, towel and soft shoes. Something easy to throw on and carry.
  2. If you can provide your own waterproof shoes, it is better as they need to fit properly.
  3. Eat well a few hours before your session.
  4. Make sure you’ve put sun block on in the summer and have any asthma, meds in a bag.
  5. Sessions are tide dependent, so we may move location.
  6. There may not be toilets available.
  7. Bring some mates to make a group lesson.
  8. You can bring your phone as we have a waterproof bag.
We use the BBTalkin 2 way comms, so we're alrways in contact with our clients on the water, able to give constant advice and support.

Where Our windsurfing Lessons Run?

A great location for our learner windsurfing lessons is Prinsted in Chichester Harbour, whilst our more advanced windsurfing sessions take place in Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex. Both venues are about 1hr 30 mins from London and about 20 mins from Hayling Island.

Our windsurfing lessons vary depending on the level of sailor and style of sailing. If it’s flat water for beginner or intermediates then we’d favour the harbour, but if you’re looking to our more advanced coaching sessions we move into open water and waves, so we’ll head out to Bracklesham Bay near  Hayling Island and Portsmouth.

Let's go


⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Nathan

Had a brilliant first Windsurfing lesson with Ian yesterday. Ian’s instruction and robust teaching methods made what I thought would be a slow, long winded process into a fast paced, exciting experience. 

The progression I felt I made thanks to Ian was amazing; from barely being able to balance on the board at the start, to feeling like I could somewhat confidently sail alongside him towards the end. Couldn’t have asked for more.


Great teaching, great communication, great banter and great fun. I highly recommend Surf SUP Watersports.


Windsurfing Lessons at Surfs SUP

Service Overview: 

Join Surfs SUP for windsurfing lessons in Chichester Harbour, Bracklesham Bay, and Hayling Island, taught by RYA and ASI qualified instructors with over 30 years of coaching experience.

Lesson Levels:

  1. Start Windsurfing (Beginner): Learn the basics of windsurfing in a safe and structured environment.
  2. Develop Windsurfing (Improver): Enhance your skills and techniques with guided practice.
  3. Challenge Windsurfing (Advanced): Master advanced maneuvers and handle stronger winds and waves.

Who will be coaching you:

Head coach, Ian Phillips has been windsurfing for over 40 years and in that time has raced in slalom events, speed sailed, travelled the world and enjoyed some epic wave sailing conditions around the globe. His passion for windsurfing is addictive and he’s developed his own Fast-Track methods to help you get there quicker.

Lesson Options:

  • Private sessions
  • Private group sessions

For more details, visit Surfs SUP Windsurfing Lessons.

OR CALL 07521 297280