How long have you been paddleboarding and how did you get into SUP?

I started paddling stand up paddle boards back in 2012, but prior to that I had been windsurfing and surfing for over 20 years. I started in SUP after moving down to the coast and looking for something to do with my family. It didn’t take long to see the possibilities in the sport.

What is your favoured discipline and why?

I love downwind paddling and sup surfing. I’m not really competitive so racing isn’t for me.  I’m much more into the challenge of the discipline itself.
With downwind paddling there is a really special connection you can make with the ocean and it is unlike any other watersport I have done.  The planning, the understanding and respect for the elements.  Sup surfing is just another great side of sup and something that I do whenever there are waves at our local break or if I make a road trip.

What kit do you currently ride?

Being the Jimmy Lewis importer, my main kit is Jimmy Lewis, be it the M14 downwind board or  The Rail.    I also ride the Black and Blue Machine which is my favourite longboard surf sup and then the Worldwide 8’5 for shortboard sup surfing.

My favourite paddle is the Werner Rip Stick.    It’s designed as a race paddle but to be honest I use it for everything as it’s only a 79 blade but really powerful.

Do you have any goals for 2016?

The Jimmy Lewis brand has been going really well and we’re looking to grow the awareness of the brand throughout the UK. Being a bit more of a premium range it is going to take time as you need to find people who are now getting to know what they want and how good kit can benefit them.


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