Many inflatable paddleboards have adorned the market but only a few are worth considering if this is where your heart lies.

For many the barrier to entry with paddleboarding is purely and simply storage and transportation.    The idea of having to find space for a 12′ board and paddle when you live in a townhouse or flat can be impossible so the ideas that could simply put a rucksack in a cupboard is a no-brainer.

Mistrl inflatable sup

Mistral produces a superb range of inflatable paddleboards built to a very high standard.

They are incredibly stiff, can withstand high pressures and are more portable than ever. Without doubt they are some of the best inflatable SUPs ever built.


I won’t say that I would personally replace my surfing sups or downwind boards for an inflatable but for a family holiday or limited storage it would definitely be on my list to get out on the water.