Olivia Piana chose to race the Black Project paddles Hydro 78 and 83 and that amazing combination have achieved great things.black prohect hydro sup paddle hydro ergonomic palm handle


Paddle specification:

  • large 88, medium 83, small 78 & x-small 73 sq in
  • ultra-lightweight, powerful & balanced race paddle
  • available in Premium Carbon & 100% Carbon
  • available in One-Piece & 3-Piece Travel (2 x HEX)

The Hydro Black project paddle was built to max out every bit of speed it could for the paddler.  Being super lightweight and dynamic in the hands, it is well suited to downwind and flat water racing.

Using a more compact shape a rider can use the smaller blade and gain increased output with higher cadence and matched with good technique you’ll get less fatigue.

The power feels more concentrated in the blades sweet spot meaning no flutter for the catch, power phase and release.

Weighing in at 375 grams, the Hydro is the lightest sup race paddle available.   In essence this means, paddle faster for longer.

  • LARGE 87, MEDIUM 82, SMALL 77 & X-SMALL 72 sq in
  • Ultra-lightweight, powerful & balanced surf paddle
  • Available in Premium Carbon & 100% Carbon
  • 87 Regular Diameter, 82, 77 & 72 Reduced diameter shaft
  • 87 Available in One-Piece or 3-Piece (2 x Hex), 82, 77 & 72 available in One-Piece

The SURGE SUP Paddle is designed for surfing. The lightweight & strong Surge is our SUP paddle range for dedicated SUP surfers. We focused on paddlers’ specific needs in the surf. The result is a paddle which is bites the water & accelerates quickly to help you catch the best sets (& get out of the impact zone). If you do get caught by the set of the day, then don’t worry the Surge is built to take a pounding yet from 350 grams is the lightest surf paddle on the market. The 82, 77 & 72 feature our reduced diameter shaft for increased comfort while the 87 uses our regular shaft for larger riders. The Surge will help you to catch more waves & rip them harder. Due to its power, light weight & RDS shaft the Surge has become extremely popular for SUP foiling. New for 2018 is the smaller 72 sq. in. blade for lightweight & young athletes.black prohect hydro sup paddle hydro shaft made in usa 4

black prohect hydro sup paddle blade scooped dihedral

LAVA – All Water Performance SUP Paddle
  • MEDIUM 84 sq in
  • Lightweight, powerful & balanced all round paddle
  • Available in 90% Carbon
  • Standard Diameter Shaft
  • Available in One-Piece, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable

The LAVA SUP Paddle was built to excel in all conditions. The all new Lava SUP paddle has been developed to deliver exceptional performance in any water & for any rider. This versatile, strong & lightweight full carbon SUP paddle shares much of the same DNA as our race & surfing lines, the result is a high-performance SUP paddle for recreational paddlers, SUP surfing one day, cruising the next & racing at the weekend. The Lava was designed to be a little more forgiving & suit a less aggressive & lower cadence paddle stroke. Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the LAVA caters to all riders in all conditions. New for 2018 is the anti-twist adjustment.