A fine day for windsurfing and wing foiling at Bracklesham Bay

We’ve had a wind drought down here on the south coast, so these 2 days were super emotional

It’s been a really long winter for all of us windsurfers, wing foilers and in fact anyone who loves the outdoors. We’ve hammered by heavy rain, a lack of wind and bloody cold temperatures, so it was about time we got some sunshine back on the water.

This particular day was totally wrong, with high tide at the peak of the wind window, but who gives a shit when it has sunshine.

Cliff, Rob, Phil and others hit the water with wings , big windsurf kit and just soaked in the sunshine.

These guys were blasting around, pulling some nice shapes on small waves, but then it happened. They spotted me with a camera on the beach.

Phil Plume was playing it tight on the waves in close to the beach on his DuoTone wing and foil, risking the groins each time.

Rob threw some tight gybes and a couple of super fast explosive exits, whilst Cliff was playing it cool and down some nice tidy lay down gybes and mini wave rides.

We’re so lucky to have Bracklesham as our home beach. Conditions really work when it is on.

Looking forward to longer days 

It’s been a long winter and we’ve not really had the chance to run our Full Day Windsurfing Lessons, Groups and 1-2-1 Lessons as the weather has been so bonkers, but it’s starting to look promising.

Bracklesham isn’t just for the high performance windsurfing. It’s  a great place for intermediate sailors who are looking to push on with their sailing and begin to cope with choppier water or waves.

And it’s not all about planing either. A lot of our L2 and upward lessons take  new windsurfers who want to get a grip on improving their sailing and continue those core learning skills that we put into practice on all of our sessions.  It may be better handling of gusts, board trim, faster tacks, light wind wave riding, use of footstraps off the plane and more.

Let’s talk and see where you’re at and where you need help right now.  Having a windsurfing lesson that can target sticking points will accelerate your learning and we can help you achieve those goals much quicker.

Windsurfing is something we’re passionate about and Ian is looking forward to helping.  So get in touch now and book in for your self or a small personal group.  We’ve got kit, but we can also help if you have your own kit and need to tune it and learn on your own board and sail.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

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