Hard stand up paddleboards often deliver a more refined paddling experience for certain disciplines.

Our range of hard, stand up paddleboards cover, raceboards, sup surfing, all rounders and touring boards. They vary in price, differ in construction, so it’s worth reading up on them to make sure you’re looking at the right kit.

Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP All Rounder boards really are made to do a bit of everything, but it’s important to know if it is going to be right for you.

The brands we stock of hard boards include Jobe, Jimmy Lewis, O’Shea and Infinity, we make sure that the boards meet certain criteria.

We have stocked and tested boards that cover sup surfing, downwinding, sup racing and all round paddling, but the difference is we try kit, and we try it in the conditions it is designed for.

Something that is important in stand up paddleboards is build quality, and we don’t have the patience with kit that falls apart or is way too heavy so the boards we’ve got are long lasting and well balanced, so the board shapes and performance isn’t reduced because the layup is too heavy.

We have surf sups from around 7’0ft to 11’0ft that work well in our local surf spots on the south coast, but also deliver in the west coast waves of Ireland and Cornwall.  This part of sup is definitely our passion, so we can deliver real insight into each board, how it works and how it might work for you.

Downwind stand up paddleboards that work in everything from the local light wind chop to open water swells are something we know a lot about, utilising the classic gun shapes to the modern dugout decks.

We’ve got an amazing testing ground without local harbour and canal, so we test or race boards to make sure they feel great, and then we even test how well they perform with time trials.

If you’re currently looking for stand up paddleboards, be it surf sup, raceboard, downwind board or all rounder then you need to get in touch now.   We don’t hold the likes of Starboard or Naish so you’re not going to be seeing the same old kit that other shops are shifting.