Ladies stand up paddle boards don’t need to be made differently, but boys and girls often have different tastes in styling so why is it that everything in the inflatable sup world looks so linear and generic?

The I Love SUP range has definitely got the wow factor and whilst not specifically for ladies the graphics are oozig Italian styling which is where they come from.

A lack of linear dullness and a twist of colour has given this small range of boards a real mediterranean feel that is fun and bubbly and that in itself lightens up your day.The boards come in 10’0, 10’6, 11’6 and 12’6 with sensible widths to take total beginners or those looking to advance on without hindering them on their journey.

Having seen the boards in the flesh and now paddled them, the 11’6 is the absolute winner as a do everything and be fun board.  It’s got a lovely zesty feel about it with really good quality feel to the board construction, deckpad and fittings.   It’s light weight makes it easy to carry, but being a double layer construction you don’t lose the rigidity that is expected with inflatable sups nowadays.

The pump works well and can take you to the recommended pressure with ease.

Something quite nice to see is a towing and tow eye at either end as it’s always sensible to consider the safety aspect with any sup.There’s also a nice touch and that’s a camera type mount on the front that is already pre-fixed so it’s ready to take whatever camera you have.

Visually the heart logo and colouring on all the boards screams, sunshine and that in itself makes us think of sunny warm days and clear water.   A fun feeling for sure with no room for gloom.

The paddle that comes with it is a glass shaft that nice and soft so no damaging shoulders  and has a pvc blade.  It has a nice shape a bit like a V-Drive in the blade so whilst it’s not performance materials it has got something to add. It’s also comfortably light so again would suit lighter people.