Storm Eunice and Franklin Rocked The South Coast And We Got In To Windsurf

Windsurfing in Storm Eunice 2022 licensed by alamy.com

How can you call it a Perfect Storm

Storm Eunice hit with a real bang and left many in need of help and support throughout the UK.

It was an intense extratropical cyclone brought to us on the jet stream as part of a string of storms during the 2021-2022 wind storm season.

The Met issued an amber weather warning on the 16th Feb, for the whole of Southern England. Not long after, a read weather warning was issued for London, South East ad East of England.

Storm Eunice has set a new record for the fastest wind speed recorded in the England, with 122 mph being recorded at the Needles, Isle of Wight. The Storm was the most powerful to hit the UK, since the Great Storm of 1987, which ravaged the country.

Windsurfing in Storm Eunice 2022 licensed by alamy.com

The storm was so strong, that many watersports lovers, made plans to get on the water, once the main storm had died down, but waves were so big, that a lot of us held back til conditions dropped even further to keep things safer.

With wind strengths from 40-60+knots, it was super tough, so we kept sharp and a good lookout for each other as we blasted off big waves and enjoyed the strong conditions.

Quite often we get strong winds down here in Bracklesham, with winds easily hitting 40 knots, but when you go above that level, everything starts to change. Jumps become trickier and require more control and you quickly need to get on much smaller kit.

Our local crew of windsurfers are a great bunch, who regularly sail together and keep an eye on each other. We’re not pro’s, just really passionate about windsurfing and having fun.

If you would like to join us for some great windsurfing lessons , please check out our windsurfing lessons page.

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Windsurfing in Storm Eunice 2022 licensed by alamy.com

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