The Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control was originally shaped for one of the biggest names in SUP, Laird Hamilton.

Since that early beginning it has evolved and is now a do it all board for the weekend warrior or someone looking just sup when they feel like it.

The graphics available on the Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control can either be the more radical tattoo effect or simple style that is synonymous with Jimmy Lewis kit.  Either way they do look very classy and clean with a perfect shine to that paintwork.  It’s not standard but the guys at JL UK like to ffer a rail tape option which really helps to protect your investment.

The board we have been riding is the 10’6 x 30.     For a board of this size in glass construction it is light with the new handle that allows you to easily curl your fingers inside.

The flat deck is really comfortable under foot and really helped to increase stability.   The smoothness this board delivers is massive and even when the water chops up it stays composed with no roll or tip so even those getting out less often will have no problems.

For those looking to cruise a coastline of do some river paddling this board will help get you there quickly.  Whilst not a raceboard, it certainly isn’t slow, but  with that is how straight it tracks so you increase distance covered by now wiggling side to side.

On a small 1-2 ft swell, not to hollow this board is great fun and you can enjoy some classic surfing style and nose riding, but don’t expect to kick it too hard off the top as that’s a lot of board to throw around.

This board is definitely made to be enjoyed anywhere and for as many levels of rider as possible. If you find yourself with room in the garage for a hard board and the need to just rock up and enjoy the lakes, rivers or small to medium waves at your local then the Cruise Control sup board is definitely worth a look.

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