Infinity SUP UK, was started by ourselves, after meeting Dave Bohene at the APP Tour in London.

What does Infinity SUP UK symbolise?

We loved the kit and ethos of the Infinity SUP brand, and it was clear, this brand was going somewhere in a unique way.

With a history steeped in surfing tradition, everything rung true with how we felt about SUP and the many sides to the sport, with a real connection to the ocean.

Who is Infinity SUPs, Dave Boehne?

Infinity SUP has been making boards for over 50 years, with Steve Boehne, being the life blood to the business, up until 2020.

Dave, Steves son, has now taken over full control of the brand and is looking to take it forward for another decade, whilst still loving life, the surf and family.

shaping room Dave Boehne Infinity Surf e1599857521689
dave boehne and steve boehne from infinty sup uk
Dave Boehne and Steve Boehne

Who rides Infinity SUP boards?

Every board in the Infinity brand, comes with a purpose.   Designed to perform for real world paddlers as well as the elite, the range of sup boards covers every aspect of paddling, be it waves, downwinding, racing or just family fun.

What’s great is how the brand has recognised real world paddlers of all shapes and sizes and skill levels. This has made a huge difference, where customers recognise that Infinity SUP knows they exist and what they really need.

infinity sup uk, the life and style of a brand

What's on the agenda?

2022 has seen a new importer coming on board for the Infinity SUP brand, meaning we now have a more direct channel for kit, which will improve delivery. GBSUP and the local race scene We will have access to all the raceboards such as the Infinity Whiplash, Infinity Blackfish, Infinity Downtown in a range of sizes, but it may be that some sizes or products have to be ordered in if they’re not immediately available. SUP Touring The adventure market has really gone big with people loving the idea of paddling far and wide.  Many of you choose isups for this, but ultimate performance really comes from hard boards if you’re trying to cover bigger distances. The Infinity eTicket is where it all started, with the perfect layout for carrying luggage, covering distances and making light of hard work. SUP Surfing This is our own real passion in the sup world and are really pleased to be able to help you with the perfect kit from Infinity SUP UK.  Shredding waves, both locally and globally, we love the boards that Dave has created and can stand behind each one, depending on who you are, skill set, where you surf etc. The Infinity B Line, Infinity RNB, Infinity Blurr V2, Infinity Wide Speed with a real killer longboard called the Infinity New Deal. All round and family fun This is the biggest market by miles in SUP, and we’ve made sure we have the kit from Infinity SUP UK that will really enhance your paddling experience. The Infinity Wide Aquatic, Infinity eTicket and Wide Speed are all aimed at casual paddlers and families. What we’ve noticed is now many paddlers have reached a pinnacle and are now looking to enhance their paddling experience, maybe for fitness or performance reasons, so these boards are perfectly aligned to carry those paddlers forwards. The Infinity Wide Aquatic in either 10’4 or 10’8 is amazing for anyone looking to enjoy a lazy paddle on flat water, but also for those looking to get into sup surfing and wants one board to fit many disciplines. The eTicket is an amazing board for sup touring and some open water adventures, whilst the new Infinity Wide Speed is perfectly suited to bigger guys who want a decent surf sup with performance.

The SupSpension Construction

infinity supspension construction

The Infinity SUP UK team, developed an amazing layup that enhances performance and feedback from the boards. Using
exclusive, state of the art materials to achieve the best weight vs strength in the industry.

We manipulate the flex of the board by strategically placing glass and carbon fibre to create loading and unloading of energy for unmatched performance. TWIST-COIL-SPRING. Feel the difference.

  • 1 Lb. premium eps
  • “S” rated fiberglass base
  • Infinity exclusive – industrial strength vector carbon square weave rail perimeter inlay
  • Industrial strength unidirectional carbon fiber stringer top, bottom and spring loading fin inlay


Come and try some kit

Infinity SUP UK is based at the coast, down in Bracklesham, West Sussex.

Our service is personal, and we really get to know you and your style, before recommending anything from Infinity SUP UK, especially with our surf sups.

We’re surf mad and spend our time windsurfing, surfing and generally getting wet, so you’re in good hands to get some real world experience about the kit and how it could work with you.



We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: