The Severne Pyro - My View

What you get with the Severne Pyro is SPEED, and that means big air and electric performance.

Severne Pyro - pro wave

Designed in collaboration with 5 x World Champion Philip Köster, the PYRO will ignite your fire.

Severne Pyro is a real world board, that has taken the problems many face and turned it into a rocket ship of a windsurfing board.

Speed is king for wave sailors, and the Pyro has been designed to deliver speed to the max. And what comes with speed is more big jumps, control and the chance to ride onshore spots with ease.

On the wave, the Severne Pyro uses that speed to really make the most from onshore mush to big Atlantic lumps that need to be tamed.  The volume in the board has been distributed in a way, that the board is easier to get on the plane and then keep it there, with amazing response and control.

74 217 56 5.7 3.0 – 5.0 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 100 + 2 x 140 2 x 100 + 1 x 170 2 x 150
79 218 57 5.8 3.0 – 5.0 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 100 + 2 x 140 2 x 100 + 1 x 170 2 x 150
83 219 58 5.93 4.0 – 5.3 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 110 + 2 x 140 2 x 110 + 1 x 190 2 x 150
87 220 59 6.1 4.2 – 5.7 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 110 + 2 x 140 2 x 110 + 1 x 190 2 x 150
93 221 60 6.22 4.7 – 6.0 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 110 + 2 x 150 2 x 110 + 1 x 190 2 x 150
99 224 61.5 6.44 5.0 – 6.7 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 110 + 2 x 150 2 x 110 + 1 x 210 2 x 150
105 226 62.5 6.6 5.0 – 6.7 SLOT BOX+ 2 x 110 + 2 x 150 2 x 110 + 1 x 210 2 x 150



A single concave morphs into Vee through the tail, creating fast, low-drag rocker lines through the center of the board.  Early to plane, and super quick.

Put it on rail, and the 3D curves become quite different; the low rail through the single concave kicks up into the late Vee to create a surf-inspired rocker capable of big turns and mad hacks.

Ride it flat to go fast.  Get it on the rail to go vert.


With 5 slot-boxes, the Pyro is highly versatile and can be tuned to your personal preference and the conditions.


The loosest option.  As a twin fin, the Pyro is super fun and maneuverable.  When it’s windy, and there’s some waves to play around in, then this setup is Philip’s everyday choice.


With 3 fins, the Pyro gets up and going a bit earlier and better able to deal with strong currents and gusty conditions.


The most stable option.  When it’s big, and some extra grip is required, a 4-fin setup is dependable and solid. The HEX4 system makes it quick and easy to change fin setups – experiment and find what works best for you.

My Summary

Started off with the Severne Pyro105 model as that is my most used size at our onshore home spot.

Being a bigger bloke, I need speed and the Severne Pyro certainly delivered that.  So fast, but the board feels amazingly controlled and comfy underfoot, not being affected by the side chop and mess in between waves.   It also holds its speed, when the wind flutters a bit.

Comparing it to other big wave boards I’ve ridden, the Pyro feels way more yes yes yes!!   It turns fast, feels super alive, and with all of that it jumps real high. As a bigger bloke, that is super important, carrying speed out of hard turns and I really notice how I can stay in the straps that much longer when winds get patchy as the board stays trim and planes slower than other bigger boards I’ve used.

I definitely noticed how well-balanced the board feels when not planing. Bogging out through waves is never fun, but the Pyro was settled and felt longer than its dimensions. It also feels like it drives onto the plane  with less resistance.

FINS – who loves K4

I’ve been using twin fins in my Simmer Quantums for years and love the feel.  The setup I am using here is the  K4 Scorchers right now. A pair of 20s gives me loads of drive, as a typical day for e is cross on and waves all the way.   I’d like to try some  K4 Leons at some point, but that’s another £80, so we’ll have to wait til next year for that.

Construction is light and tbh, I don’t think I would mind a bit  more weight and robustness, but we’ll see how it goes for a few months.

My current set of sails are the Simmer BlackTips, and they’re a great combo for sure. On the 105 I am using the 5’6 down to 5’0, before I jump down to the 99 Pyro for 4’7 and 4’2. I don’t have Severne sails so can’t compare.

All in all, I love how the Severne Pyro works for me and my home spot. It feels like I can do so much more on this board because of the speed off the beach, and that has made a big difference.

Find out more about the Severne Pyro here and hope you enjoy it.


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