Blasting downwind with the wind pushing you along and picking up swells to ride is the ultimate experience for many paddleboarders.

Our own location in West Sussex often sees us being dropped off at Hayling Island and then paddling out before heading back down to Bracklehsam.  It is a real buzz to be out at sea and moving and riding whatever comes up behind you.

Jimmy Lewis Maliko M14
Jimmy Lewis Maliko M14

The Jimmy Lewis Mission or M14 shows a well balanced board perfectly suited to all-round, touring and downwind paddling.




Average dimensions:

  • width range 27-30 inches wide
  • length between 12-14 feet
  • volume should be above 190 litres
  • fin setup is 1 centre fin
  • weight and construction vary

The downwind board has to have good glide to make your time on the water more enjoyable.  You are going to be covering a fair distance so the last thing you need is to have a board that sees you dragging out back of your mates.

Stability is an asset but when you reach this stage in your paddling you should be developing your skills and not relying on a board that is so stable that is hindering the performance.   Don’t just go on width.  The underside design of a board and rails have a lot to do with stability along with the fin.  A good deep Pivot fin will make a big difference.

The great thing about going for this sort of board is it is covering so many bases.   Fun for the family, touring, recreational, surfing and downwinder paddling.  May be a bit slow for true performance racing but that isn’t quite what you are buying into is it.


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