Not all Inflatable SUP paddleboards are built to the same standards.

Most of the major brands have the hit the inflatable sup scene with a range of boards aimed at both surf and flat water cruising whilst a few have gone to the trouble of developing race boards.

MIstral inflatable SUP paddleboard

The main brands we have tested include Mistral, Tabou, Red Paddle and Starboard.

Mistral have a great range of very well constructed iSUPs.   All of their board use high quality materials built to a very high standard.   We have personally had a 11’5 in our sup school for over 2 years and it is showing no signs of wear, stretch or glue patches giving way as it is permanently inflated.

Red Paddle is probably the most well known brand out there due to non-stop marketing and team riders on every street.  The board are also the oldest on the street having been designed and gaining continued development to this day.

Tabou is new to the inflatable sup scene and have brought out 2 ranges of inflatable sups.  Once is a more affordable entry level isup with the other being more performance oriented.


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