The 11’5 inflatable SUP from Mistral is a really good fun board that can turn its hand to a bit of everything.   What’s important to realise here is that my thoughts are based on the boards target audience and not a specific discipline within paddle boarding.

Family paddling on the iSup 11'5 by Mistral

When I look at inflatable SUPs I imagine what makes the best all rounder.   Obviously going for a very long race type board is something of a specialised market and if you can imagine that a very long board will potentially have more flex whilst going very short i.e a wave board will need to be super stiff to replicate the performance of a real surf oriented SUP.

Mistral iSUP 11'5 being surfed
You can see in the photo my little girl is holding onto the carry handle so it works well when doing little family outings.

Take the 11’5 inflatable mistral and it seems to be a bit  of a magic number.   The length is enough to improve glide and therefore improve distance paddling whilst not being too long that it is to flexible.

Paddle Holder

A small but incredibly well thought through Mistral Innovation that appears on their inflatable SUPs: the paddle holder on the handle. The paddle can be pushed under the rubber cord, so you can easily lift the board and paddle in one single action.


The board is constructed from a heavy duty drop-stitch material making it super tough.   Given that its thickness is around 15cm this gives increased stiffness and more buoyancy which is well suited to a board that is going to be used for fun times on the water.  Finally with a width of 31.5cm this adds a huge amount of stability, again useful for touring and even fishing.

The dual cargo nets are a great addition for keeping your bag of food or spare clothes securely tied down.

What do you get in the box?

Included with every Mistral inflatable SUP board are a high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, a repair kit and a sturdy backpack with air vents and padded straps.

Pumping up the mistral inflatable sup


Length348 cm11’5″
Width80 cm31.5″
Thickness15 cm6.0″
Weight14.5 kg
Volume255 L
FinsCenter: 11.5″ removable