The Werner Nitro SUP paddle is a perfect partner for waves to race conditions

The Werner Nitro handles everything you could imagine doing with ease of use and a perfect balance. Down from the perfectly shaped palm grip, the comfortable shaft and smooth control and power delivery offered by the carbon foam core blade.

Each feature of this paddle has been used in other paddles within the Werner SUP paddle range but combining them in the way the Nitro has really gives it a standout feeling.

The Werner Nitro sits in our demo range of paddles and is easily liked by new beginner and experienced paddlers looking for a first or upgrade paddle.   I know for many the feeling given by the high aspect shape is somewhat different to that of a standard blade shape but you quickly get used to it.

What strikes everyone about the carbon Werner sup paddles and in particular the Nitro and Grand Prix range of paddles is the weight.   The 1 piece paddle is some 4 oz lighter than the adjustable Werner Nitro.   Add to that the balance of the paddle and you really do have a perfectly balance machine.

Looking at swing weight for a paddle that is this light seems pointless but I have to say it is near nothing.The recovery phase of the stroke really is effortless.

The shaft of the Werner Nitro is stiff.  Distance paddling offers a solid feel with very little give but unlike other makes of paddle you have this very high aspect blade that can be slightly disengaged to reduce power if fatigue is setting in.    That same reduced dipping of the blade can be performed when paddling in waves to increase the stroke rate when grabbing a wave.

The blades come in 3 sizes covering a range that will suit most size of paddler.   For my own style and weight at 85 kg I prefer the M size paddle as it doesn’t slip compared to the S size for my weight.   Large blade should really only be used by really big guys who need that extra power.

Carbon is not always known for its ability to take a good hiding but the Werner Nitro certainly doesn’t suffer fools.  It is a seriously tough cookie whilst maintaining the light feel.  There is also a Dynel edging along the edge of the blade which is a compressed nylon.  Like with the Quickblade paddle range it spreads any impact load and reduces the chances of damage to the carbon structure.

If you are seriously looking a for long lasting and top quality paddle the Werner Nitro is worth considering.  Get in touch to check it out now.


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