23/06/2013 and I have not long got in from a real test of the Stun Gun.

A trip down to Shoreham, West Sussex after 3 days of 30-40 mph winds has seen a lot swell being pushed up the Channel.  Our own home break in Bracklesham is all blown out so we headed to the secret spot that is a real dream in these conditions.

We mixed it up riding both left and right hand breaks in 3-4ft mild conditions before heading out the into open water where the general sea state was rough but the waves were way bigger, well over hear high and meaty.

Now, I’m a big bloke 14 1/2 stone so testing out a board with sharp rails and a thin tail is always interesting but it was amazing.  The board is so well balanced.   A really well placed balance point keeps the board running totally level whilst paddling around trying to find a spot.  Switching stance to help pop over waves was well balanced and the board is easily trimmed to maintain momentum compared to some other comparative surf sups.

The waves we were riding were aggressive and chunky but unpredictable. I needed a board that was easily trimmed so I could switch stance and launch on the spot if necessary.    The board was really fast down the line and was super turny.   A couple of times I had to kick out hard to miss the many surfers out there and the board dug in positively.

Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun tail

This is a full on surf board that would easily work for a guy of 16 stone down.  I would say that as of today this is my most favourite surf sup I have ever ridden and one that will stay in my quiver for a long time.

Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun nose

When you look at the board it is clear why it performs so well.   Sharp rails and a positive nose rocker along with a thin tail give this board bite, whilst the center of the board is loaded with volume.  The tri-fins are made by Jimmy in a solid glass construction.

Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun