Stand up paddleboarding is taking off big time in the UK and down in Sussex we are doing our bit to help the revolution.  Aside of the surfing and radical side of the sport there is a real family angle where parents are getting their kids on the water and away from the XBOX.

Children can spend the day on the water getting fit without knowing it and mum and dad can join in as well.   The sport is so easy and accessible with people like Sussex SUP  Club offering lessons and equipment rental.

Start kids off young with paddleboarding
Start kids off young with paddleboarding

The kit is easily transported with the advent of inflatable boards like the Mistral Adventure iSUP meaning you don’t need a big car, rookrack or lots of space at home to store the boards.

Quality family time with your kids on the water
Quality family time with your kids on the water

If you want to try out this new sport and get fit whilst enjoying family time then get in touch with us now.   As we grow our club and more families come on board we aim to run family activity days and even competitions for those who are up for a bit of banter


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Stand up paddle board lessons

We run paddle board lessons all year for families, beginners, racers, sup surfing and more!

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