How do I choose the right foiling board?

Wing foiling is an superb water sport that amalgamates elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddleboarding.

But, before you dive in and buy some kit you need to think about where you are in your experience and location.

Choosing the right wing foil board

The board you select will significantly influence your experience on the water. In this extensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the world of wing foil boards, helping you make a thoroughly informed decision.

Assess Your Skill Level

The journey of selecting the ideal wing foil board begins with a thorough evaluation of your skill level. Whether you’re an absolute novice, an intermediate foiler, or an experienced rider aiming for specialized performance, your skill level guides you towards the board that best suits your needs.

  • Beginners: If you’re taking your first steps into wing foiling, it’s prudent to start with a high-volume board. These boards, often wider, offer exceptional stability and forgiveness, rendering them ideal for honing your skills.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: As you gain experience and confidence on the water, your aspirations may steer you towards narrower, more performance-oriented boards. These boards are crafted for speed and mastering advanced foiling techniques.

Board Volume and Size

Board volume, often measured in liters, plays a pivotal role in buoyancy and stability. Understanding this metric is crucial in your quest for the perfect wing foil board. Here’s a general guideline:

  • High Volume Boards (100+ liters): As previously mentioned, high-volume boards are the go-to choice for beginners. Their exceptional stability makes them a dependable platform for learning and progressing.
  • Medium Volume Boards (70-100 liters): Intermediate riders often discover a harmonious blend of stability and performance with these boards. They’re versatile enough to facilitate skill advancement.
  • Low Volume Boards (below 70 liters): These boards are the domain of advanced riders who crave peak performance and unparalleled maneuverability. However, bear in mind that these boards demand a high level of balance and skill.

Board Shape and Design

Beyond volume and size, the shape and design of your wing foil board significantly influence its performance:

  • Length: Longer boards offer a smoother ride and more stability but may compromise maneuverability. In contrast, shorter boards are nimble and responsive, making them a favored choice among experienced riders who prioritize agility.
  • Width: The width of a board directly impacts its stability. Wider boards provide more stability, making them a solid choice for beginners, while narrower boards enhance speed and maneuverability.
  • Rocker: The rocker refers to the curvature of the board from nose to tail. Boards with more rocker are optimal for wave riding, providing the agility to navigate waves effectively. Conversely, flatter rocker profiles excel in flatwater cruising and speed, offering a smooth and stable ride.

Foil Compatibility

Compatibility between your chosen board and your preferred wing foil and foil setup is paramount. To ensure alignment, examine the board for foil tracks or inserts that allow you to adjust the foil’s position, optimizing your performance in various conditions.

Budget and Brand

While exploring your options, consider your budget. The cost of wing foil boards can vary substantially, influenced by factors such as brand reputation, materials, and design. In many cases, investing in a quality board from a reputable brand proves worthwhile, as it can elevate your overall experience and longevity, whilst giving a better resale value when it comes to upgrading.


The journey of selecting the right wing foil board is as crucial as the adventure itself. Evaluate your skill level thoroughly, taking into account board volume, size, shape, and design. Additionally, ensure compatibility with your chosen foil setup. Take the time to research and, if possible, embark on the journey of trying out various boards. With the perfect board beneath you, you’ll be primed to embark on a long wing foiling adventure. So, embrace the wind, ride the waves, and relish every moment of your wing foiling escapade!

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