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Wing Foil Lessons and Foiling Courses run all Year In Chichester Harbour and Bracklesham Bay

Surfs SUP Watersports offers wing foiling lessons in Bracklesham Bay, Chichester Harbour and the West Wittering West Sussex.

We offer all levels of wing foiling coaching from total beginner to advanced foiler and we’d love to help you achieve much more.  With RYA qualified instructors, rib support and a whole harbour open to us so we can pick the best spots to suit the conditions and your level of experience.

If you’ve never used a wing before then you need to attend one of our wing sup and wing surfing courses which covers everything that builds you up to giving wing foiling a try.

L3 CHALLENGE Wing foiling

L3 - CHALLENGE Wing foil lesson

The Level 3 Wing foiling course will take all of those skills you learnt on the Wing SUP course and start looking at getting you up on the foil.

Going step by step we will make sure you gain a First Flight, even for just a few seconds. It’s not hard to get lift, but time needs to be spent in controlling it and that’s what we focus on.

Once you’ve got that, you’ll know why you started winging and it’s then up to you how much work you put in, but it isn’t easy.

We need a bit more wind than you may have experienced so far as this really helps to get lift so be prepared to work hard.

L3 - Details

L3 - Outline

The CHALLENGE WING FOIL lesson, is your first flight session, where we will get you on the foil board and aim to get you up and flying.

You’ll learn to handle the foil and wing together, both on land and in the water. From there you’ll get used to sailing around off the foil as well as dismounting and remounting safely.

Once you’ve got comfortable with the foil being around you, we’ll start working on getting lift from the foil and those first fights.

Who should attend:

* If you’ve attended our START or DEVELOP Wing sup lessons and want to give the foil a go, these lessons are for you.

You need to have a good grasp of handling the wing, gybing, basic tacks and sailing in all wind directions. If you’re not sure, of your skills let’s chat after you read up about our wing surfing intro lessons

What we will cover:

  • Discuss safety and foil awareness.
  • Handling the foil and wing both on land and in the water.
  • A land based demo, without foil to show basic movements.
  • On water demo from instructor will cover mounting, dismounting, and getting lift for a first flight.   There is a lot covered during this phase, but we’re also able to have regular breaks to save people getting to tired.
  • On water practice for clients, sailing with a foil and then first flights.

What we won’t do:

We’re conscious of how important your first wing foiling lessons are and we will not allow a lesson to run if the conditions are not suitable for the level.  Alternative dates will be offered where necessary.

Stepping up to our wing Foil lessons

You’ve learnt to handle the wing and are now begging to step up and begin the foiling experience.

L4 EVOLVE Wing foiling

l4 - EVOLVE Wing foil lessons

In our previous lesson you got some short First Flights, so this lesson is to improve and increase the flight length.

The EVOLVE Wing Foil Lessons, focus on improving  the basic foil techniques you learned on the CHALLENGE Wing Foil Lessons and we get more analytical with what’s going on.

The real wins come from control and better handling of the wing with a greater understanding of how the foil works and fine tuning your body positioning.

One you’ve gained some extra flight time it is just a case of practice and time spent on the water, so you need to get out there with your own kit and starting foiling.

l4 - details

l4 - Outline

The EVOLVE WING FOIL lessons is for those of you looking to have more controlled and sustained flight.

After your first flight, your going to need to spend time fine tuning your skills and that includes getting into a more relaxed frame of mind as you fly.

Who should attend:

* If you’ve attended our L3 CHALLENGE Wing foil course or have your own foil and want to develop your skills on the foil.

You must be able to wing around comfortably off the foil and get back to your start point when underpowered.

What we will cover:

  • We’ll get back out on the water and immediately start foiling.
  • You will shown new methods of control and power creation such as pumping, both on take off and during flight.
  • Weight distribution and improved awareness now you’re flying.
  • Touch down is another skill you need so you can safely drop off the foil without catapaulting.

What we won’t do:

We need more wind for the wing foiling lessons so we may need to reschedule sessions if the wind is too light as it will make progression much harder.

Where do our wing Foiling lessons Run?

 Wing foiling lessons favour smoother waters so you can focus on technique, without being knocked around by waves.

Prinsted in Chichester Marina is a great venue, as it’s tucked away from boat traffic. It enjoys clean wind and we can access it by boat or car depending on the tide.  Bracklesham Bay beach front is great when the winds are offshore as we use the rib as a safety boat. Another great learning venue is down at Chichester Marina.

Aside of Bracklesham Bay, all of these venues work around high tide only, so once we have your booking, we will work on sorting out a suitable time.

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Wing Foil and Foiling Lessons at Surfs SUP

Service Overview:

Master the exciting sport of wing foiling with Surfs SUP in Chichester Harbour and Bracklesham Bay. Our experienced instructors offer comprehensive lessons for all skill levels, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience on the water.

What to Expect:

  • Professional instruction for all levels
  • Focus on safety and technique
  • Thrilling foiling adventures in Chichester Harbour

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP Wing Foil Lessons or check out e Foiling lessons.

OR CALL 07521 297280