Being versatile is key and in any sport where the kit is expensive, you need to make sure that you have the right stand up paddle board for the job.

The Jimmy Lewis Striker stand up paddle board is not a radical wave slayer, not a big distance race winner or a downwind freak machine, but it is everything you could ever want just to have fun.

The Striker comes in 9’5 and 8’11, with loads of volume and width to support the bigger rider and more wobbly of you.

It is not heavily rockered so works well on the flat and could easily cruise along the coast to a secret beach.   On the way you could grab a few waves and hang ten with the best of them or even dangle a fishing line to catch dinner.

Whilst many brands are experimenting with shapes and playing with concepts it seems to come up again and again that Jimmy has boards in his range that are already doing what other are trying to do.

Find out more about this super versatile board that will deliver tons of fun for all the family and surf performance for the more The Jimmy Lewis Striker All round and surf sup.


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