watersports Lessons






We’ve been teaching watersports for over 25 years and with SUP, everything has exploded, with people wanting to try more and more sports like, Wing foiling, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP surfing.

We live to sup surf and our home beaches really deliver great conditions throughout the year.

You can use your own board, or we can provide you with a proper surf sup board if you’re wanting to give one a try.


Stand up paddle boarding lessons with us are fun and educational. We want to give you the very best water time, whilst learning to be safe and smart.

If you’re looking for more advanced sessions including, race training, downwinding, distance and advanced techniques, then we have clinics that will help.

Windsurfing is the greatest of all watersports in my humble opinion, having taken me around the world, to sail in some of the best places I’ve ever been.

We provide lessons that offer an amazing experience and leave you with the urge to learn more.

Wing foiling has really taken off, offering you the chance to enjoy a wind sport, that is 

Kitesurfing is as popular as ever, and our qualified instructors are ready to take you from beginner to winner.

We have tailored packages, to make sure you get the training needed to safely enjoy this sport.

If you’re coming down for a few days, why not check out some local accommodation and restaurants.

We’ve listed a few of the places we know about in the immediate area that you could try.