Watersports Lessons

and Courses around chichester

where do we run our watersports lessons to enjoy the best conditions in West Sussex

We really do have it made down here, with so many amazing spots to choose from, all around the Manhood Peninsula, Bracklesham, Chichester, West Wittering, East Wittering and Hayling Island.

With the best locations dialled in, you’ll get the chance to train in the best locations, depending on the conditions with our ASI and RYA qualified instructors.

Chichester Canal

The Prettiest Canal in West Sussex

Chichester Canal has an amazing history for such a small waterway. Having gone from being a commercial route to a little area of outstanding beauty leading  right into Chichester.

The famous painter, Turner has painted it, elephants have walked and drunk from it and barges carried goods on their way to London.

If you head into the tourist area at the basin, you’ll see amazing imagery showing just how the canal was built and how it was used over the years, with steam trains and  workers living on barges.

So what makes Chichester Canal so good for stand up paddle boarding?

The truth is, it’s perfect for all sorts of activities including paddle board lessons, hen parties, team building and wellness events. In fact anything where we need a really easy and safe space such as kids paddle board lessons and family paddleboarding lessons.

Our use of the canal, mainly runs through the summer and spring and we have permission from the guardians of the Chichester Canal to use it commercially.

There’s plenty of parking and when running lessons, we setup on the pontoon at Hunston, which gives us a clear grassy space to setup and do land based work before hitting the water.

Chichester Harbour

A bit about our wonderful Chichester Harbour

What’s not to like about Chichester Harbour, with it’s many launch points, flat water and clean wind, perfect for enjoying time on the water.

Aside of teaching windsurfing, paddle boarding, wing foiling in Chichester Harbour, you’ll also find a lot of other stuff to do on foot or for friends and family who may have come down with you.

At over 900 acres or 72km² the harbour is an mega playground for boaters and sailors, kayakers, paddle boarders, bird watchers, walkers and holidaymakers. Known as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there really is something for everyone to enjoy if you love the outdoors.

For those of you who love the outdoors, Chichester Harbour has 10 different types of habitat, with everything form deep sea channels to woodlands which support a huge array of wildlife and organisms.

The harbour support many businesses including fishing, tourism, farming an sport which includes Surfs SUP Watersports and our lessons.

The are over 450 historic sites within the area with very unique sites dating back to roman times.  There are around 5000 moorings, about 100km of rights of way for walkers, sailing clubs, but to dwarf those numbers is the 1.3million visitors per year.

We have a few spots to choose from in the harbour


This is a super little bay where we run a lot of our windsurfing lessons.  The water is very flat and the shape of the bay means you can windsurf from side to side, take a break and then set off again.   We also run our paddle board lessons here, but it’s no so good for foiling as it can get shallow very quickly.

East Head

The most exposed area right out by the entrance to the harbour, tucked back around a sandy corner and offering a stunning little space for paddle boards, windsurfing and foiling lessons. During the summer we sometimes head here to hang out with the moored up yachts and enjoy the shallow, warm sandy water.

Chichester Marina

This is the inner hub of the harbour, where you will find all the boats moored up. It works a couple of hours before high tide, so we mainly run windsurfing and foil lessons here or run a our paddle board tours that run for a few hours. At the end of the session you then have a nice restaurant or cafe.


A very special spot as an be used at all states of tide as it has a slip ramp and is where we launch the RIB from.  We often launch our paddle board adventure tours from here.

Dell Quay

Based deep in the harbour, it’s not somewhere we use that often as parking is tricky, but it does have a great pub where they do some lovely grub.

Hayling Island Sailing Club HISC – we sometimes head over to HISC in our RIB and run our lessons from the beach. It’s a bit more tricky here due to the space available, but does offer super flat water and a sandy beach to teach on.

This is Chichester Harbour where we often run our paddleboard tours, windsurfing lessons and foiling sessions

Bracklesham Bay

What is Bracklesham Bay like for watersports

Bracklesham is a legendary spot, for watersports enthusiasts.  We’re talking a wide range of conditions be it flat water in the summer or waves, big waves and wind from autumn onwards.

This is our home spot, during the winter as we love the wave sailing conditions and wave foiling, but during the summer when the winds die down, you have some fantastic warm water, flat water, sand and sun. The perfect combo for wing sup lessons and paddleboarding  or even some windsurfing lessons.

During autumn and winter months you’ll get golden days when wind and waves are in perfect sync. Surfers from all over the south coast come down to pic some epic conditions whilst windsurfers, kiters and foilers are offered up a tasty playground.

What the place like in general

The beach and main launch spot is on top of the main car park, so you are literally at the waters edge when you arrive. It’s pay and display parking and out of season you’ll have problem parking.

We’ve got Billys on the Beach, which is our local beach front restaurant that offers up indoor dining along with chips and snacks for outside if you’ve not brought a packed lunch as well as the GOAT cafe, just 2 minutes away that serve up paninis, pastries and coffees.

We have a lovely grassy area, right next to the car park, for on land training and it gives us room to lay the kit out and work on theory if necessary.


Heading to pagham is another option

Pagham is quite a sheltered beach that generally gets flat water during the summer, but during the winter you can get some pretty big waves.

We love Pagham for paddle board adventures, wing sup and wing foiling lessons and windsurfing lessons, especially during the summer months as it is a very predictable place.

What you can get is a large shore dump so we always assess the conditions here to make sure conditions are going to be favourable for the lessons we’re running.

What we’d say here is if you come without us, beware of the currents rushing out of the harbour. It is super strong and not to be played with. You’re best keeping well clear.

Hayling Island

Hayling has a long history of watersports

We’ve used Hayling for years and run lessons in Langstone harbour and off the beach front by Inn on the Beach pub.. It’s really good all year round offering flat water to big waves.

We can run intro to advanced sessions at Hayling, for windsurfing, paddle boarding and foiling for flat and wave sessions, depending on the wind and state of tide, but again we plan this in advance.

During the summer months for our intro paddle board lessons we recommend coming over to Chichester Canal as it offers a wind free and safe venue for total beginners.