The Naish Mana sup surfboard is a really fun and easy to ride sup surfboard that isn’t going to be as radical as the Naish Hokua X32 for the bigger guys but none the less it will deliver a lot of wave fun.

The Mana has a wide outline that delivers massive stability, but it also carries this into the nose and tail that even further delivers that stable footing.

We scored a session on this board that was typical south coast, slow junky waves and have to say how easy it was in everything.   Paddling out was fast and stable so nothing much to report there.  It just seemed to have stabilisers.

naish mana stand up paddle boardDropping in was easy as the size of board allowed us to get in a bit earlier but it a bit more hairy when fast take offs were needed.   I think a light construction would have been better as the board would feel more agile.

Bearing in mind we had rubbish south coast conditions the Naish Mana 9’0’’ felt pretty loose. Rail to rail was good and working down the line gave us a good average speed.  If you ride a bit more old school and off the tail  for some hard turns then the board loses speed but that is down to you to skill up and learn when to use this type of turn.

All in all we really liked this board as it was just easy, but if you’re after more wow factor then it might not be for you.   But saying that if you’re a bigger paddler and have a more smooth gliding style then the Naish Mana will definitely fit the bill in our UK conditions.

Oh, I forgot to mention that waxing the nose made this board quite a good fun noserider and whilst not perfect it certainly was fun to hang your toes off the nose.