Having affordable and performance capable hard boards in the jobe stand up paddle board range really makes a difference for those who aren’t ready to step up and spend over £1000.00 on a board just yet.

Offering two constructions, you can go for the lighter and more performance oriented bamboo layup or the Titan range, built using a monocoque glass layup.

The Titanium range of jobe stand up paddle boards are our hard core, super tough construction boards, built to deliver performance whilst being exceptionally durable.   The fibreglass layup is wrapped around a durable and soft eps core and then blended with a vacuum moulded shell to give that extra strength.

A full length deck pad comes in really handy for those trying out surfing or just playing around in the water with kids.

The Bamboo layup is a stunning looking board with strong contrasting colours to really look gorgeous.

Aside from being lighter than the Titan range, the bamboo jobe stand up paddle boards have been shaped with more performance in mind, offering finer rail designs and better volume placement for specific disciplines such as surfing.

Looking at the Vizela you can see a shape that’s really suited to sup surfing with a balanced rocker line and profile, whilst the Parana has been shaped to excel for larger guys or even some adventure paddling.

All in all the Jobe range of stand up paddle boards are really great value for anyone looking to cross over from an inflatable isup or simply add to their collection of boards for fun in the surf, family or adventure.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: