Windsurfing  (Gaastra and Tabou) is the ultimate watersport that can now be seen a natural accompaniment to stand up paddleboarding.

Way back in the 80s windsurfing hit the big time and the world went windsurf crazy with most people doing it or having mates who did.   Since those eraly days of windsurfing the kit has evolved with such advancements in materials and production that is now a super sport that delivers thrills for everyone from total beginners to the ultimate wave jumpers and speed freaks.  is a great  resource for articles and tutorials as well as being a great magazine still in print so check it out at the local shops.

The UK has its own team of top sailors spanning back years with the likes of Nik Baker (ex world champion), Peter Hart (the ultimate teacher), Jem Hall (videos and drills), Ross Williams (slalom god), Dave White (the speed king).



We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

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