Jimmy Lewis Europe team rider, Paulo Marconi made us proud at Lost Mills 2014 with an outstanding effort and time in the time trials and racing. The main race was dramatic with at least 15 of the leaders heading in the wrong direction , but in an epic battle they managed to pull back into the race.

RESULTS: The Lost Mills 2014

MEN 1st: Eric Terrien (1:39:32) 2nd: Danny Ching (1:41:26) 3rd: Connor Baxter (1:41:41) 4th: Beau O’Brian (1:42:07) 5th: Greg Closier (1:42:25) 6th: Stefan Stiefenhöfer (1:42:33) 7th: Chase Kosterlitz (1:42:44) 8th: Leonard Nika (1:42:46) 9th: Paul Jackson (1:42:48) 10th: Maritjn van Deth (1:42:54) 11th: Branislav Sramek 12th: Paolo Marconi – 13th: Dylan Frick 14th: Zane Schweitzer 15th: Martino Rogai 16th: Itzik Horesh 17th: Jake Jensen 18th: Trevor Tunnington 19th: Ricardo Haverschmidt 20th: Ike Frans 21st: Giordana Capparella 22nd: Davide Ionico 23rd: Casper Steinfath 24th: Peter Weidert 25th: Fabrizio Gasbarro 26th: Titouan Puyo 27th: Bart de Zwart 28th: Vinnicius Martins 29th: Vincent Verhoeven 30th: Patrick Thumm 31st: Bernd Sommer 32nd: Belar Diaz 33rd: Alexander Stertzik 34th: Christoph Salmhofer 35th: Federico Benettolo 36th: Friedrich Kochl 37th: Dirk Bickert 38th: Peter Tritten 39th: Kai-Nicolas Steimer 40th: Wolfgang Leeb 41st: Moritz Mauch 42nd: Martin Salmhofer 43rd: Leonardo Toso 44th: Michael Brauch 45th: Carsten Kurmis 46th: Guido Meier 47th: Gianmatteo Cau 48th: Colori Schilling 49th: Christian Keller 50th: Frank Gondek 51st: Richard Gratzei 52nd: Endre Virag 53rd: Thomas Gundendorfer 54th: Klaus Dedial 55th: Ahmet Senoglu 56th: Frithjof Sach 57th: Armin Zeitler 58th: David Brozik 59th: Andy Dressler 60th: Thomas Laurenz 61st: Ralf Schultz 62nd: Thomas Suttner 63rd: Klaus Schulten 64th: Dirk Borbe 65th: Rachmen Djajakusuma
Paolo Marconi run of Fast paddler on earth Lost Mills The winning run on the time trial was by Danny Ching Danny Ching won the 200 metre time trials in just 47 seconds. Despite the event featuring over a dozen of the world’s fastest guys, Danny crushed the Lost Mills time trial. The 404 front man averaged over 15km/h to stop the clock at 47.60 seconds, almost three seconds ahead of defending champ Connor Baxter (who himself produced what would have probably otherwise been a record). While there are no official records in this sport, 47.60 seconds is surely the fastest ever 200 metre, flat water sprint time. I’ve never even seen a stand up paddler break 50 seconds before this. The only caveat is that the “Fastest Paddler On Earth” uses a rolling start (the paddler takes a couple of strokes before passing through the start gate that sets off the clock), whereas most other 200m races use a standing start (the paddler isn’t moving when the clock starts). This definitely gives a slight advantage but how much is unknown (my guess would be 1 second, maybe 2 at most). Either way it’s a crazy performance and I think the video above highlights it pretty well. Danny Ching is still clearly the man to beat.


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