I’ve been looking around for a pair of grippy wetsuit boots for ages and the O’Neill Gooru cropped up in conversation to it was time to check them out. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to wetsuits and boots and to be honest I prefer not to wear boots especially when sup surfing, but sometimes it gets just too cold so I need something that is just warm enough, not too bulky, grippy and flexible.

Having spoken with a mate of mine from O’Neill he gave me the heads up on the O’Neill Gooru.  A liquid rubber boot, 3mm, gripppy, flexible and lightweight, so it seems to fit the bill.

Having now tried them out in February with northerly winds that have cut the air temp down to 1 degree let’s so how it sums up with the O’Neill Gooru boots Review.

The pair I have got is the 3mm but they also come in 5mm if you feel the need.  Personally I cannot stand wearing a heavy neoprene boot as you lose so much control over your feet, but I suppose if you’re paddling in arctic conditions it may be necessary.

The O’Neill Gooru was primarily designed for kitesurfers and surfers who needed feel.  With no buckles or straps it is a simple looking boot with a heavily textured sole compared to other wetsuit boots.

The boot only comes in 3 sizes but the fact they are made in a super gooey rubber covered ultraflex neoprene means those 3 sizes cover a wide range of foot sizes.

What was really cool for me was the feel I got form the sole. This was a big issue for me as I ride a waxed surf sup and want total feel.   This sole seemed to give me that feel.

What I did miss was the heel handle that you always see on boots. For whatever reason they’ve not included it so you have to get your fingers in behind your heel to save the boot from ripping and this was a bit awkward with my pudgy fingers.   I am going to try a shoe horn with this as I’m pretty good at tearing boots.

There is also no visible reinforcement as you find on other boots so I’m hoping the general construction will be tough enough without it.     Only time will tell there.


Manufacturers features of the O’Neill Gooru boot:

  • 100% Liquid Rubber Sealed Exterior
  • 100% Ultraflex Neoprene – Measurably lighter, warmer and more flexible lightweight thermal that wicks away moisture and increases warmth.
  • Fluid Seam Weld – Silicone-based urethane seal applied to both sides of a triple glued seam.
  • Multidensity Rubber Sole Technology – Best flexibility and durability combined with a recessed hex and pattern for superior grip.
  • Internal Split Toe
  • Techno butter neoprene limited to O’Neill
  • 3mm Neoprene
  • Water Repellancy
  • Rash Protection
  • Durable

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