The Jimmy Lewis Kwad is such an easy board to ride and is perfectly suited to south coast waves with less power than our cornish cousins.

The quad fin shape and is designed to rip on small to large waves. The quad fins allow the board to be super-loose for unreal slashing turns while maintaining full control but the volume distribution keeps the board super stable when paddling out through white water and hanging around in choppier waters.

Jimmy Lewis Kwad SUPIt’s a bit weird really as I am so used to riding much narrower boards that jumping on this board felt like it was going to lack any offerings but I changed my mind after a couple of hefty drop-ins.   Absolutely no nose diving at all and very comfortable on the drop followed by some really smooth back side turns. Riding it off the tail gets the high end performance you are after and increasing foot pressure here just increases the bite of the fins and rails.

The quad fin setup has definitely made the board super loose but doesn’t feel much slower than a traditional thruster setup. Maybe in bigger waves I will feel that difference in speed but for now I love the looseness.

jimmy lewis kwad standup paddleboard sup

After riding this board a few times I chatted with Jimmy and as always he has an answer for everything about each and every one of his boards.   The width given to the larger board is there because bigger guys need the volume, but that is then controlled by the refined shape and rails.   If you don’t want the bigger board, lose weight.

In all the Jimmy Lewis Kwad is a great board for south coast surf that needs an agile board that catches waves easily.


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