Enjoy An Unforgettable Alcohol Free Alternative Hen Party Experience

If you’re planning a hen party paddleboarding adventure  and looking for a more unique and outdoors hen party idea, that is both unique and unforgettable can be quite the challenge, but we’ve got the perfect venue and perfect activity to get you all laughing and smiling.

Paddleboarding lessons and tour on Chichester Canal and Chichester Harbour offer the perfect venue, just minutes from the beach and with some amazing B&Bs, cottages and rental properties for your group to stay in whilst you’re down here.

If you’re looking for an exciting and adventurous activity to celebrate the bride-to-be’s special day, why not consider a hen party paddleboarding experience or hen party ideas?

Paddleboarding combines the thrill of water sports with the tranquility of being surrounded by nature, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable celebration. In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting world of hen party paddleboarding and why it’s the perfect choice for an adventurous group of friends.

On arrival:

When your Hen party arrives for your paddleboarding lesson, we’ll welcome you to the wonderful, Chichester Canal.  You can park right by the launch spot.

We will be parked with all the boards inflated and kit ready to go, but first we will need to check everyone in, and get you kitted out with wetsuits and buoyancy aids.

Sports clothing can also be used in the warmer months, but definitely not jeans and jackets.

Once we’ve kitted up,you can leave keys etc.in the van, but be aware, there are no toilets nearby.

You will now collect your board and paddle and walk it round to the pontoon which is Hunston, Chichester Canal.

You’re here for fun

Paddleboarding is easy and a great way to stay fit.  To make life even easier, we use really good quality inflatable boards, that are both long and wide, so they’re very stable.

This is a huge relief to many as they’re scared of getting wet, but rest assured, if you do fall in, it is only water and no sharks.

The Hen party paddleboard adventure is based around our beginners lesson, with a part lesson included to make sure you’re safe, and learning, whilst having a laugh with friends.

What will we do on land

We’ll cover the basics of a board and paddle. Handling them and how best to control them on land and on the water.

Then we’ll demonstrate getting off the pontoon safely, which is super important so you don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Getting on the water

The first is you’ll be given a very basic demo of paddleboarding on your knees, and then shown how to turn and stop.

We’ll read you the safety rules on the canal and make sure everyone is comfortable, before we get you all in, one by one.

Once on the water

It’s all about having fun and your Hen party paddleboarding adventure, can lead you in different directions.

We may play a few games or paddle to the pub for a drink.  We will be surrounded by amazing scenery and nature so take some time to watch and you’ll see all sorts of animals as well.  It’s entirely up to you how the hen party paddleboarding adventure runs.

Don’t forget your camera

There will be loads of chances during your paddleboarding lesson, to take photos and videos to make some great memories, but bear in min phones don’t like getting wet. That said, we can do this for you as we have waterproof cameras.

Remember, it’s all about creating lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her friends, so be as memorable as possible – maybe some funky t-shirts or crazy head gear.

hen party paddle board lesson in chichester west sussex

We keep it safe

Everyone needs to be aware, that whilst it is fun, we have to keep the hen party safe.

Everyone will have a pfd, alongside the initial safety briefing. You will also a permanent guide whilst on the water, overseeing everything.

If conditions are really too bad, which is rare, we will arrange alternatives or reschedule where possible.

In summary

A hen party paddleboarding adventure  is a really fun way to let the girls have fun outside, chilling with friends, relaxing and generally being mad.

You’re going to love Chichester for a lot more than paddleboarding, so make sure to check out the city, or evenhead down to the beaches at the Witterings and Bracklesham.

If you’re looking to make lasting memories and have funny stories to tell, then a few hours having fun on the water, with the girls should definitely be up there on your list of Hen Party Ideas.

Get ready to paddle, laugh, and have a fantastic time in the company of your closest friends. BOOK NOW