What Sort Of Thing Do You Learn In A Paddleboarding Lesson With Surfs SUP Watersports

Our goal is to make everyone enjoy paddleboarding, whilst instilling, good technique, so you can really develop your skills going forwards.

For such a simple sport, paddleboarding has so many skills, that need to come together, and we start you off on the right path from day one.

  • The ability to move on the board
  • Correct paddle technique
  • Using your body

When you join us for a Intro to Paddleboarding lesson, we start you off in the right direction and keep focussing your skills to make sure you leave us with a clear pathway mapped out.

A Solid Beginning “Even a total beginner needs to start off with the right direction and building blocks…” When we teach our paddleboarding lessons, we aim to develop your primary skills from the get go. If we can get you understanding about balance and motion then we have got you on the right path to long term success and development. Chichester Ship Canal, which runs from Chichester Marina to Donnington, then onto the centre of Chichester at the basin, is the perfect place to start your paddleboarding. This sheltered venue, means we don’t have to contend with moving water, chop or other conditions, that may slow down the learning curve. Our sessions can be tailored to varying levels of skills and we’re able to help more advanced paddlers to analyse and  tweak those skills, to better their performance. That said, we may then look to go on the sea or in the harbour to offer, a more tricky environment. Family paddle boarding lessons, want a more relaxed and fun session, so we can change the lessons style around to suit that as well.