We're surf crazy here so check out our line of surf sups, before giving us a call

We’ve ridden all the boards we sell in UK conditions, from onshore mush to big west coast bombs, so we can give an honesty opinion.


Surf sups

As you progress into sup surfing, it is important that you have the right board, that suits the conditions, your style and skill level. It can make the difference between charging forwards or getting stuck in a rut.

Longboard surf sups

Finding the right longboard isn’t as easy as it sounds. They’re not just scaled up short boards.
Designing a rocker line that delivers speed and manoeuvrability is difficult, and each minor tweak changes how the tail shape works.
We have some board like the Infinity New Deal, delivering high-speed control, compared to the Jimmy Lewis Striker, that offers a more laid back performance and old school feel.

Shortboard surf sups

As with the longboards, shortboard surf sups are complicated, with so many variations of tail shape, rocker line, widths and volumes, making each board seriously unique.