With so many brands and designs out there how do you know what sup race boards are going to suit your preferred environment.

Let’s firstly consider where you will be racing, is it flat water lakes, rivers of open water i.e ocean.   Whilst lakes can be become choppy the ocean will offer up more challenges to a flatter board so establish your location.

SUP race boards

Ocean sup race boards would need more rocker to cope with the chop whilst a flat water board would do better having a flatter rocker line which would mean superior straight line speed.

Paoloa marconi racing the Jimmy Lewis Blade II SUP
Jimmy Lewis Blade II


Something like the C4 V1 is a superior open ocean sup race boards and pretty tasty downwind board with a racing underhull but controlled rocker line to cope well with ocean swells.   Don’t rate this sort of board totally on stability. They are designed to be fast and with that comes a trade off so improve your abilities and use superior kit.

SIC Maui Racing paddleboard
SIC Maui Racing

The SIC X-Series Race board. The quick transition to flat provides stability and keeps the board in glide mode between strokes. Sharp rails at the tail shear water for unlimited speed on the open range.


C4 V1 Open ocean racing SUP
C4 V1 Open ocean racing SUP

The V1 has a rounded underhull giving this board superior speed whilst offering a pronounced rocker to handle the ocean lumps.

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