Jobe sups are one of the premium inflatable sup brands offering high performance and quality

We’ve been a huge lover of the Jobe Duna as our goto all water inflatable paddleboard and that’s just one of the Jobe boards.

Jobe sups

Jobe SUP boards have been around longer than many and they have been making inflatable water toys since the 70s  so you’re in good hands for sure.

The most popular Jobe sup is the Yarra, which is one of our favourite 10’6 all rounder paddleboards

The simple shape, build quality and performance make this a real favourite for our own families, and we’re pleased to see that Jobe have been working hard to make it even better for 2021.

We then have the Jobe Duna, which has also been a popular board, offering more glide and an increae in speed for those looking to go that bit further with their paddling.

As keen windsurfers and windsurfing lesson providers we also stock the Jobe Venta windsup and this really does provide huge amounts of fun to anyone wanting to sup and windsurf on the same day.

The Jobe Sups are really light, certainly one of the light inflatable stand up paddle boards in the market. This fact alone makes the boards super versatile, as they’re easy to carry and manoeuvre on and off the water.

The unique heat bonded technology developed by Jobe also adds a level of stiffness to the boards that really helps improve performance for every level of paddler.

Jobe sups come with a great package including a good quality starter paddle, leash and their very handy waterproof carry bag that doubles as a web kit bag for the car.

Jobe sups

Heat Bonded Technology

The layup of the board is shown in this picture, and you can see how the high density of nylon threads fused to a solid PVC coated base cloth is held in place by the heat bonded technology.   The actual development of this is by machine in a computer controlled environment, so takes away any chance of human error.

You then have two layers of drop stitch reinforcements that protects and strengthens Jobe sups, once again making this a longer lasting product.